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Manage Your Money: Collection Agencies:

While it is our business as a collection agency to help our clients recover past due accounts and money owed to them, we also do our part to help the consumer. We feel it is important to educate consumers and help them resolve their debts. If we can help consumers amicably resolve their debts, we can hopefully help them on a path to regain and retain their credit rating. By working with and communicating, a consumer may be able to minimize damage to their credit and preserve relations with the business they owe money to.

Because of this, we have assembled a number of tips to help consumers who may have fallen on tough times. You may not believe it, but we're here to help ... Along with the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals we're happy to guide consumers to a number of tips to help you navigate the waters surrounding bad debt and working out resolutions and plans to paying off past due debt.

The ACA has also recently launched a new site to help consumers with their questions:

Ask Doctor Debt

Click here to download the Ask Doctor Debt Educational Flyer

Know Your Rights: As a consumer, you have certain rights under state and federal laws. These laws are known as the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA.

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