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A Collection Agency That Keeps Your Practice Healthy

If your patients are entitled to full recovery...aren't you? If you're a medical or dental practice looking for a collection agency that understand your needs and the delicate nature of medical collections then look no further than American Profit Recovery.

We are effective in resolving medical debt issues for small family practices as well as larger clinics with multiple doctors and/or dentists. There is a fine line between care and collections and we understand how sensitive the relationship is between doctor and patient-our systems are built around the need for that diplomacy.

APR has years of experience and is comprised of a team of experts with professional knowledge of medical collections and dental practices.

APR will free up you and your staff, giving you more time to manage and care for patients.

APR Shapes Up Your Bottom Line

  • Our college educated staff of professionals provides insight and solutions tailored directly to your practice.
  • We offer a flat-fee collections system to keep our services affordable for practices of all sizes.
  • We employ a diplomatic approach with an emphasis resolving debt and keeping your patient for you
  • Our two tiered system aides in recovering stubborn accounts or accounts which may go unpaid for long periods of time
  • We provide an on-line portal through APRweb to manage your practice's accounts 24/7.

APR Retains Relationships:

We are an award-winning collection agency and know exactly what it takes to get your patients to pay. We employ college-educated team members and resolve debt diplomatically to ensure your patients are treated as well as you would.

Call us now and let's get your medical or dental practice back on the road to recovery.

Click here or call 1-800-711-0023 to contact American Profit and find out how we can increase your profitability.

APR's debt collection solution is a simple, diplomatic collection system that uses a benevolent approach to collecting your accounts receivables. If you want to retain a relationship with your patients, we offer a superior alternative to methods used by traditional Collection Agencies. Call us today to learn more about the APR debt recovery solution. We can make your bad debt collections  easier and more successful. Outsourcing debt collection to APR is the best decision you'll make this year.