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Collection agencies in Texas


Business owners in Texas expect a collection agency that has:

  • Innovative web technology
  • Friendly, available, expert consultants
  • Effective collections solution strategy
  • Gold star customer service

Are you a business in Texas looking for ways to collect unpaid monies while still retaining a positive relationship with your customers? Are you searching for a collection agency that is efficient? American Profit Recovery is the collection agency for you. We service businesses around the country, including in the lone star state. We know the phrase "everything is bigger in Texas" but no matter the size of your business, American Profit Recovery is here to help you.

APR continues to raise the bar when it comes to customer service. We pride ourselves in having the best customer service representatives in the industry. Whenever you call there will be an APR consultant talking to you on the other line, not an automated machine. Our expert consultants can work side by side with you to develop the best plan to get your accounts back on track.

Customers can also view their accounts online by using APRweb. APRweb saves you resources including valuable staff time. Instead of worrying when delinquent customers will pay you, you can focus on your valued customers. You can add, edit, or view your accounts 24/7. Are you a night owl? Do you work long days and need time at night to view your accounts? Now you have access to these accounts and can focus on building a successful business.

Click here or call 1-800-711-0023 to contact American Profit and find out how we can increase your profitability.

It doesn't matter if you live in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, or El Paso; we have a team of expert consultants standing by to assist you with your collection needs. Visit our blog, or take a peek into our video room to learn more about the outstanding service provided by American Profit Recovery. You can also call today to arrange for a free phone call with an APR consultant. Give us a call to find out how American Profit Recovery is different from other collection agencies.