We’re excited to announce
American Profit Recovery has
acquired Rainmaker Collections!
Consumers looking to make a debt payment, please Click Here or the link below.
If you’re an existing Rainmaker client, welcome! We’re confident you’re going to love the enhancements soon to come. Please contact us with any questions! In the meantime, please Click Here to access your accounts during the transition.

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“Changing the face of debt collections one call at a time”
“Compassionate, compliant & collected”
“You’ll Profit From Our Difference!”
“Collectors so nice, you’ll thank us twice!”
“Cool, calm & collected”
“Dignity & Respect…Collections at its best!”
“Customer service, collections & you”
“You’ll profit from our kindness”

A Low Cost Collection Agency

If you’re in business then you know there are times customers pay late, or just don’t pay at all. Then you’re left asking, “Where can I find a reputable collection agency?” We know not all collection agencies are created equal and if you’re worried about keeping your customers, reputation matters. Find out more about why we are different.

A Different Kind
of Collection Agency

Hiring a collection agency for a business can be a big step sometimes. One of the deciding factors can be cost. At American Profit Recovery, we understand that when you do decide to find a collection agency, you’re already concerned with cash flow. That’s why we offer our very popular low-cost debt collections system. Find out more here.

Your Questions Answered

We know you probably have many questions about collection agencies. Our team has compiled a number of frequently asked questions regarding the collection industry and how it pertains to your business. You can find our frequently asked questions about debt collections here.