Cash Flow 101

A common question we hear all the time as a collection agency: How can I improve cash flow in my business? It’s one of the main questions collection agencies get.

There are a number of things you can do to keep up on cash flow at anytime during the year, whether you’re a lawncare or landscaping professional, plumber, medical or dental professional or any other type of service industry. I’ve been working in debt collection for over 20 years and I’ve seen many mistakes that could have been solved with just a few extra resources and thought.

Here’s a couple and more to come in future blogs:

Always bill on […]

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Another reason to pick up the phone…

With the advent of caller ID, (which at this point is not so new anymore,) we have as a society trained ourselves to not pick up the phone when an unfamiliar number pops up. In fact, I believe we are all guilty of this.

It comes into play especially when collection agencies are calling. Our instinct is to not pick up the phone and what could be worse, not return the call if a voicemail is left. This could be a bad move for any number of reasons.

One, if you have outstanding debt, you should take care of it and work with the company that is owed that […]

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Get Involved in Small Business Saturday 2013

Small Business Saturday is November 30th this year. These small businesses are an important part of our communities, and our economy. This is a great day to get out, get involved, shop local and support these businesses.

APR works with many small businesses and as Small Business Saturday gets closer we wanted to share some advice for those local small businesses on how to make the most of this day dedicated to you.

Use Available Resources: American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010, it is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. On their website they have many resources (most are free) that can help you promote this day in your business and […]

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