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American Profit Recovery is a debt collection agency where respect and dignity drive impressive results.

Find out how we’re different and how we can help improve cash flow.

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When choosing a debt collection agency, finding professionals that understand your business is critical. We have experts in many fields. Learn more about our industry expertise below.

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A Different Kind of Collection Agency

If you are operating any type of business, you know there are times customers pay late, or just do not pay at all. Savvy organizations turn to a reputable collection agency to help solve the issue of cash flow. But one thing is true — not all collection agencies are the same. American Profit Recovery uses diplomatic and tactful strategies to communicate with your customers, resulting in impressive results for your bottom line.

Find out more about why we are different and how we build cash flow with dignity and respect.

Low-cost Debt Collections Drive Results

Hiring a collection agency for any size business can be a big step. We recognize cost and your return on investment will be the deciding factors. At American Profit Recovery, we understand when you do decide to partner with a third-party, you are already concerned with cash flow, so maximizing your collection efforts is critical. That’s why we offer our very popular low-cost debt collections system. You’ll see diplomacy at its best, driving the outcomes you need.

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Do You Have Questions About Collections?

We know you probably have many questions about collection agencies. Our team has compiled several frequently asked questions regarding the collection industry, our proven process, and how it affects your business. You and your team should feel comfortable about taking the next step and understanding how a debt collection agency can support your organization. You can find our frequently asked questions about debt collections here.

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