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Why are we one of the best places to work in the collection industry?

It’s no surprise to the team here but we have once again earned the distinction of being one of the best places to work in collections. Since 2008, we have continued to earn this recognition through an effort spearheaded by Best Companies Group.

Sure we offer a competitive salary, a great benefits package and other perks, but there’s one thing that truly makes American Profit Recovery a great place to work.

It’s called culture.

We have successfully built a culture here where people can not only build a career, but contribute to the direction of this collection agency. And we constantly recognize our employees as a true part of this organization. […]

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5 things your business should never do when trying to collect a debt

One of the more frustrating parts of running any type of business is when customers pay late or do not pay at all. We’re confident you would agree with that statement.

As a debt collection agency that works with small business and large organizations, we hear the disappointments regularly from people just like you we are consulting with.

When we conduct our free consultations for debt collections, it’s one of the first things we hear. Business owners, and others that are part of the accounts receivables process continue to experience the aggravations of getting certain customers to pay.

While there are endless reasons why customers become delinquent on their financial obligations to your business, business owners tell […]

Celebrating our team achievements at American Profit Recovery

By Greg:

On March 2nd, American Profit Recovery celebrated the achievements of our employees for their work in 2022.  We laughed at some hilarious photos, gave out some gag awards, and shared our goals for 2023.  As usual, the best part was recognizing the achievements of our top performers for their work over the last year.

It was evident that the award recipients all shared many of the same qualities.  Particularly our company’s core qualities: Positivity, Integrity, and Work Ethic.  However, they also all share a passion for what they do. […]

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How to deal with debt collection agencies as a consumer

Hello consumers, this one is for you. And it’s meaningful advice that is coming straight from the people that you may not always be interested in speaking with, debt collectors.

But that’s about to change!

A common question in this industry and on Internet searches is how to deal with debt collectors. While some of that advice is certainly valid, some of it is written in a more adversarial manner, meaning many writing advice on this topic are teaching consumers how to avoid these issues.

But, that’s not the way to effectively work with a debt collector or more importantly your own personal finances.

The key here is “work with.” NOT “deal with.”

You can be well on your way […]

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Ready for more on-time payments this year? Do these now

A New Year is upon us and hopefully a new season of busy activity for all you small business operators.

Whether you are a lawn care or landscaping professional, contractor, a plumber or electrician or any small business that gets busy during the spring and summer months, it’s time to review your accounts receivable process before you get too busy.

Yes we’ve spoken about this before but have you really taken the time to button things up and improve your procedures?

If not, carve out some time before you get busy and make these happen.

Why? Because one of the biggest reasons small businesses suffer from cash flow problems is the time between service and actual payment.

Want to get […]

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Constant improvement is one of our motivations

By Sabrine:

New Year’s is exciting not only because of the resolutions and goals we set for ourselves but because it means American Profit Recovery’s Annual Reward Ceremony is coming up!! This is my favorite time of year when the top performers are announced and rewarded for the amazing work they did the year prior. […]

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Questions to ask a commercial collection agency before hiring

A commercial collection agency is an agency that works to resolve debt between two businesses. Commonly known as B2B debt collections, it’s the process of mediating financial disputes and overdue invoices owed to a commercial client.

In many cases, these invoices and balances due can add up to a substantial amount of money. If, for example you are in manufacturing or distribution and you extend credit in the form of pallets of products, you’ll want to know how quickly you can get paid for those orders.

Because these invoices can represent large sums of money for an organization, many companies rely on the expertise of a commercial collection agency to improve cash flow.

If you are an organization […]

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What results should you expect from using a collection agency?

It’s a common question. What type of results should I expect from using a collection agency for my business?

If your organization has made the decision to move forward on hiring a debt collection agency, you’ll be asking some common questions. How does the process work? What does the agency need from us? And of course, probably the most popular question about what type of results you might expect.

“Results vary” as you’ve seen countless times on TV commercials in other advertisements that you are subjected to daily. And that’s important to understand when you are in the process of retaining debt collection professionals for your organization. The results you see will fluctuate, including the number of […]

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Keeping the lines of communication as open as possible when collecting debt

By Brian L.

The saying goes, “actions speak louder than words” when it comes to showing who you are or what you are capable of accomplishing. In the debt collection industry, words are what speak louder than actions.  Your choice of words will determine what actions follow.

With conversations being made over the phone, the opportunity is there to build a relationship with a consumer so that both parties can come to an understanding, reaching a resolution that may have been a long time in the making. […]

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