Were you contacted by us regarding a debt?

Is a collection agency a great place to work?

We are often asked the question of whether working in the collection industry is a smart career choice. Our answer is simple, and it is an affirmative yes!

And there is no better evidence than earning a spot on the Best Collection Agencies to Work For list for 14 straight years now. The program is led by the independent InsideARM publication and the Best Companies Group.

Yes, we are one of the best places to work in this industry, and for good reason. […]

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Everyone here can relate to consumer struggles

By Angela:

A lot of what we do is simply understanding and reasoning with our consumers. We work hard to build rapport and keep relationships for our clients so that their consumers have a good experience with us.

While some people have these pre-determined ideas of how we don’t understand nor care before calling us, the truth is we are everyday people, all facing similar battles.Angela Holthus

The last three months of my life have been extremely difficult, I had to have unexpected ankle surgery and while recovering I fell four days afterward resulting in needing a repair surgery. Two months later both my husband and I tested positive […]

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What are your plans for improving the customer experience in 2022?

There is one thing we have spent an enormous amount of time on here in American Profit Recovery and that is making sure all clients have an enjoyable and productive experience with our team. People compliment us every day when they call our front desk because they can tell the person answering the phone is smiling. You can hear it in their voice.

It doesn’t matter if you come to us for commercial debt collections or medical collections, we want to make sure that your journey with our team Is one that impresses you and resolves your cashflow challenges. Our people are committed to helping your business and they do it with a smile on their […]

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Debt collections in 2022-important factors to be aware of

Improving your cash flow and understanding how debt collections fit into your business should be an important part of how you operate in 2022. If you continue to struggle with customers not paying you and you feel you have an ongoing need for debt collections, you’ll want to consider how collection activity around your accounts receivable process will fit into the coming year.

This past year has seen numerous changes for businesses. From a change in customer behavior, the way we work as a result of the pandemic as well as fluid changes in regulations posed on businesses, it’s always a good idea to stay up to date on how to keep cash flow positive, […]

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Businesses must focus more on debt collections in 2022

It should be no secret to anyone owning or running a business. It is slowly getting more expensive to operate a profitable business and it is not getting any less costly. Costs associated with just about everything on your expense sheet have gone up during the past 12 months.

And as you’ve also seen, the pandemic caused many people to spend more money. We have seen this mostly in the form of home improvements as well as other items to make working and living at home more enjoyable. While statistics have shown that people have saved more recently, they have also been willing to purchase more.

Financial stress is a real thing, especially for those operating a […]

New website focuses on credit and debt collections for consumers

We’ve always been big advocates when it comes to educating consumers on their rights when it comes to debt collections as well as how to effectively work with a collector to take care of financial obligations. Our professional debt collectors maintain honest and open communications when they’re doing their job and they provide the resources available to make sound decisions.

The collection industry as a whole is doing its part as well. And a new website will help consumers navigate the challenges that come with paying off debt and managing it in the future.

The website is Know My Debt, and it was created by ACA International-The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. That’s right, a […]

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Small business needs you every day, not just Saturday

Many small businesses took a beating during COVID-19. At the far end of the spectrum, numerous small retail shops and restaurants closed for good and those that did survive through the pandemic suffered tremendous losses that they now need to work day and night to make up for.

And now with immense challenges in the supply chain which currently have no end in sight, small businesses are struggling once again in how they meet the demands of consumers. If you’re one of these small business owners, then we are probably not telling you anything new.

But today, we want to speak to you, the consumer.

One thing we know here is that our small business community is vibrant, […]

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Flextime is a win win here at American Profit Recovery

By Joe:

One of the best benefits at American Profit Recovery is our flex time policy.  The reason why I love flex time is that when I take paid time off, I get to use it for the things I enjoy.  For example, (pre-Covid-19) I saw a $300.00 flight to Europe was available and bought the ticket. I had more than enough paid time off available for this trip due to being able to use flex time for other obligations. […]

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5 ways to build cash flow by end of year

Improving cash flow should be a year-round process for your organization. Looking at the backbone of your business should not happen once a year. It should always be a top priority when running a business of any size.

That being said, when we get towards the end of the year, it does provide a business with an opportunity to take a deeper look at the health of the business and ways to improve cash flow before the start of a new year. If your business does have any challenges with cash flow, you’ll want to correct those before you start off the new year.

You don’t want to start next year off in a negative cash flow […]

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Is your business making these 4 cash flow mistakes?

Cash flow is king when it comes to sustaining your business long-term. And it doesn’t matter if you are running a small business or a nationwide organization, cash flow is the backbone of any size company. If you’re not paying close attention to the status of your cash flow, you could find your business with a financial challenge very quickly.

As a collection agency working with all sizes of organizations and their accounts receivable management, we are often asked to take a look at how our team can improve the cash flow of our clients. When we start out, we offer an initial assessment of what we see and that conversation sometimes leads to us […]

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Fourth year at American Profit Recovery…here I come…

By Sabrine:

I am approaching my fourth year here at American Profit Recovery. The time here flew by, and I am in awe that I have been here for as long as I have. Loyalty as well as being tenured at jobs growing up has been the norm for me prior to graduating college. As I get ready to complete my fourth year here and knowing that this is the career path for me, I can excitedly say that I look forward to celebrating my anniversary every year it arrives. […]

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