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Much more than a collector

By Angela:

As I sit back and reflect on the last few months and the changes that have taken place both within the office and personally, I can’t help but think WOW.  EVERYONE, is going through it! The good news is that American Profit Recovery is here! This may sound corny but, the reality is just that.

Sometimes I feel like I’m much more than a collector, I like to think I wear multiple hats. I’m a wife, a sister, a work team leader, a teammate, but most importantly, I’m me. In these times, even when things get rough you will learn what your capable of and the support you have had all along. I am […]

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Debt Collections Good For the Economy

There are many activities that help boost our economy. A healthy jobs market, business spending, banks lending money as well as consumer spending. But did you know that debt collections were also a big part of a healthy economy?

For the consumer that may be in debt or having issues trying to catch up on financial obligations, they might not think so. But the collection industry is directly responsible for putting a large amount of money back into our economy and into the hands of business. […]

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I am good at this career

Around this time last year I was in my third month of training. Every day I was thinking,  “What am I doing here?  This isn’t the job for me.  I don’t think I’ll ever be good at this.”  Well, after being here for 15 months, I can look back and say I never thought I would have become good at being a Debt Collector, let alone still be here.

I really have to thank the American Profit Recovery team for my growth here. The owners, the managers and my coworkers are the reason I’m still here and never gave up.  Being around so much positivity and motivation is the key to having a great work environment, […]

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Why are we contacting consumers during these times?

By Joe W.

I keep getting asked two questions by my friends and family, “Why are you calling consumers during Covid-19?” and “Why are businesses turning over debts during Covid-19?”  They point out to me that many people are struggling during these unprecedented times, and they cannot pay their bills.

I asked how anyone can know why a consumer has not resolved their account.   A consumer may have lost their job or had their income reduced.  They may have been personally affected by the virus, and have had to face unexpected medical costs.  Or, they may have simply forgotten about the outstanding bill. I had someone tell me that during the Great Recession they had one blemish […]

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Changing the perception one person at a time

By Brit:

One mind at a time.

It sounds almost trite to say that changing the public perception of the collection industry must be accomplished one mind at a time, but yet it’s absolutely true.  A lot of people still have a negative perception of what we as debt collectors do, whether that derives from media reports, second-hand knowledge from a friend or family member, or even their own past negative experience. […]

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A personal approach during these times

By Derek:

Approximately four months ago, our company made the decision to close the office due to Covid-19, and provide all the employees with computers so they could continue to work from home. It was a drastic change at the time.  Everyone was uncertain of what the future held for us, as well as what issues may arise from the switch to working from home.  At first, it was a big adjustment for me. Calling people while you’re in an office surrounded by colleagues doing the same thing is one thing but sitting at your dining room table alone is quite another.

It took a little while to get used to making calls in silence instead […]

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Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met

By Austin:

I was hired at American Profit Recovery in October of 2019. Before this job I have never worked in an office setting.  I was either doing manual labor or just on my feet all day. When I first interviewed with Greg I honestly didn’t believe he could be a debt collector because he was too nice. Growing up, I experienced collectors calling my relatives regarding their past due debts, and (based on the stress they displayed) I developed this thought in my head that debt collectors are in fact not good people.

After meeting Greg, I thought I met the only nice collector there was in the world.  Then on my second interview I […]

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From Coworkers to Best Friends

By John C.

Back in March when the pandemic was starting to gather speed and we were sent home with our computer equipment to work, I had no idea what to expect. At first I was insanely excited, I remember asking about the WFH opportunities when I first started at American Profit Recovery and was a little bummed when I was informed that it wasn’t an option.

That was until I met my coworkers. […]

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Our Debt Collectors Get Compliments From Consumers

“You were very nice…You’re definitely nice to work with.  You definitely made the experience that much better.  Thank you.”

“Thank you very very much, you’ve been a huge help.”

“You don’t sound like a debt collector, you are too nice”

You read the title of this article correctly. Our collectors get complimented by the consumers they are calling on each and every day. Our collectors as we are sure you know, are calling people because they have not paid a bill on time, or paid it at all. And by the end of that call, many of them are thanking our staff for helping them get out of a tough situation. Not really what you’ve been […]

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Why Diplomacy Works in Debt Collections

We are often asked by our new clients about the strategy we will employ to help them get paid and collect the money that is owed to them. Let’s face it, we are not the only collection agency out there so many businesses searching for a company to help with debt collections will want to understand how we might approach their customers differently to create some type of resolution.

The four founders of our company knew one thing was true. Demanding money from consumers with no regard for their situation was never going to produce any worthwhile results. In fact, they knew it would eventually backfire. It can go wrong in several ways. First, it can […]

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