Medical Debt Collection

A Healthcare Collection Agency That Keeps Your Practice Financially Healthy

If your patients are entitled to full recovery… aren’t you? If you’re a medical practice looking for a collection agency that understands your needs and the delicate nature of debt collections then look no further than American Profit Recovery.

What Our Customers are Saying

How Easy Do We Make Medical Collections for Your Practice?

One of the things we are most proud of here at American Profit Recovery is how easy we make it for our clients to manage their late payables with us. And as one of several medical debt collection agencies you have to choose from around the country, we have to prove to you that choosing us, will not only increase your revenue, but save you time and aggravation in the process. With our portal, APRweb, you have total access to your accounts you place with us, 24/7 and 365 days a year. You can log on at any time and see the status of your accounts receivables with us.

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Medical Debt Collections Involve Dignity and Respect with Patients

One of the values that our firm was founded on was treating everyone with dignity and respect. And that has never been more important than when it comes to medical debt collection. We have a deep appreciation for what your patients might be going through and we understand that not all visits are planned. We take that into consideration every time we communicate with your patients. We call it care and collections.

Increase Revenue with our Affordable Healthcare Collections Program

If your medical practice is losing revenue and your cash flow is suffering, you will want to learn more about our affordable medical debt collection program. American Profit Recovery is a pioneer in this type of account recovery. If you have a regular need for assistance with your accounts receivables, our low-cost program is a great way to recover that revenue and maintain cordial relations with your patients. Low cost does not mean minimal results. In fact, just the opposite. Our program has helped hundreds of medical practices keep costs down and bring revenue in the door.

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Skilled and Compassionate Debt Collectors

A positive patient experience should start when booking an appointment and extend to the point at which they owe you money. When we hire team members to work on medical collection accounts or any other industry, we hire people who fully understand their job is to help create solutions. And as a medical office, you should feel comfortable knowing the professionals contacting patients on your behalf are caring individuals who instinctively know how to help. We may find that one of your patients either needs to set up a payment plan or just needs more time to come to the table. Our professionals understand and recognize this and know how to work with them to get the results you need.

We Understand Your Challenges as a Healthcare Provider Needing Debt Recovery

One thing our team understands here is that you are in the business of helping people. But that does not mean you should not operate your practice like a business. If you are not profitable, that affects the way you can serve your patients. Your ability to keep on top of medical billing and a debt collection program will dictate just how successful your medical practice can be. Serving your patients is what you do. But you also need to be paid for your services and American Profit Recovery understands this basic concept. Our goal is to increase your cash flow and do it in a way that keeps your patients coming back.

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Now that we have American Profit Recovery, we can focus on our patients and give them a great experience. Their staff is super professional, and we have had great returns on their service. Read More