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A Collection Agency That Keeps Your Dental Practice Financially Healthy

If you are running a dental practice or an orthodontist practice, you’ll be pleased to know that American Profit Recovery is one of the leading firms for dental practice debt collections.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Trusted by the dental community

Many professionals within the dental community, including professional associations, rely on our dental debt collections program. They particularly like the diplomatic approach and the low cost of associated with getting their patients to pay.

A Collection Agency That Treats Dental Patients Right

Everyone on our team understands the fragile nature of collecting on overdue payments from any kind of patient. You have worked long hours to build your dental practice and you’ve worked equally hard in building a solid reputation with the community and the families you serve. You don’t want to damage your good reputation. In short, your patients will be treated just like you treat them; with care, understanding and compassion.

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Low-cost Debt Collections with High Value Results for Your Practice

We fully understand that your dental practice is a business and that it should be profitable. And that’s why we offer an affordable low-cost solution to dental debt collections. While our program may be a lower cost than traditional collection agencies, it is proven to be an extremely effective tool in helping dental practices like yours, recover unpaid and late payments that have been troubling you and your staff.

Increasing Revenue with our Affordable Dental Debt Collection Program

All types of practices have trusted American Profit Recovery to give them a boost in cash flow. Those include general dental offices, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and other specialties. Our team has been specializing in helping the dental community since we opened our doors, and we continue to earn the trust of countless practices nationwide. Our team has earned high marks for increasing payments, bringing patients to the table, and doing it in a way that keeps your patients coming back. If you are seeing a trend in late and non-paying patients, it’s time we had a conversation.

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A Dental Collection Agency that Recognizes your Challenges

A dental practice is not built overnight, and we understand that. Just like other types of business, it can take years to build a profitable practice. When you speak to any one of our team members, you’ll find a refreshing familiarity with your industry. Your patients are customers and they always have the option of going somewhere else for service. We want to do our part in preserving every relationship you entrust our team with. Dental collections should be cordial, and your patients should never be placed in an uncomfortable encounter with a collector.  And the agency you choose should understand your challenges.

Skilled Collectors that are Trained in Diplomacy

What sets American Profit Recovery apart from others in the dental debt collection industry? It is by far the skill that our team brings to every one of your accounts. We choose our collectors carefully here. They have an instinct to help others and that has proven to be effective when it comes to dealing with patients in collections. How nice are our collectors? In the year 2020, they received over 3,400 compliments from patients and consumers. That skill and compassion translate into bottom-line results for your dental practice.

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We have been using American Profit Recovery at the Dental office I work for, for about a year and we have been successful in collecting our portion of balances owed. I recommend them to everyone! Read More

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I have been dealing with American Profit Recovery since 2011 and find them to be kind, professional and helpful. If you are looking for a wonderful collection agency, look no further. Read More