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A Low Cost Collection Agency

If you’re in business then you know there are times customers pay late, or just don’t pay at all. Then you’re left asking, “Where can I find a reputable collection agency?” We know not all collection agencies are created equal and if you’re worried about keeping your customers, reputation matters. Find out more about why we are different.

A Different Kind
of Collection Agency

Hiring a collection agency for a business can be a big step sometimes. One of the deciding factors can be cost. At American Profit Recovery, we understand that when you do decide to find a collection agency, you’re already concerned with cash flow. That’s why we offer our very popular low-cost debt collections system. Find out more here.

Your Questions Answered

We know you probably have many questions about collection agencies. Our team has compiled a number of frequently asked questions regarding the collection industry and how it pertains to your business. You can find our frequently asked questions about debt collections here.