American Profit Recovery has unique expertise in a number of industries. In fact, many of our dedicated team members have worked directly inside your industry, making their experience essential to the results we are well known for. Whether you have national debt collection needs, or your operation is regional, American Profit Recovery can serve your particular demands and industry well. Learn more about our industry expertise below.

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Lawn Care / Landscaping

Lawncare and landscaping professionals around the country trust APR for collections

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Financial Institutions

We have years of experience resolving overdrafts, and many other loan products

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We understand the fine line between care and medical debt collections

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Our diplomatic debt collections for dental offices puts patients back in the chair

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Endorsed by many veterinarian medical associations because of our vast experience

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From recreational schools to higher-ed, we put a plan in place to get students current

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We recognize the delicate nature of another business owing you money

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Fuel / Gas Distributors

When customers don’t meet their obligation to you, we step in and create a resolution

Funeral Homes

Compassion is our first priority when creating a solution

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Professional Services

Consulting firms, law offices and others depend on our tactful approach to collections

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Small Businesses

Small businesses across the nation rely on our tactful and low-cost debt collections

Other Industries 

If you extend any type of credit, we’re here to help.