Cordial Debt Collections for Chiropractors

Providing the necessary support for your practice to improve cash flow and increase payments

American Profit Recovery provides chiropractic professionals with affordable and effective debt collection solutions.

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Trusted as the Preferred Chiropractic Collection Agency

American Profit Recovery has been serving as a chiropractic debt collection agency since we opened our doors. We are trusted by many chiropractor offices both small and large to not only increase their cash flow but to get late-paying clients to the table. We understand how heavily you rely on cash flow to manage your practice effectively. That’s why with our low-cost and diplomatic debt collection solution, we are the perfect fit for chiropractors across the country.

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A Collection Agency Specializing in Chiropractic Offices

We understand the challenges of running a profitable chiropractic office. You spend the entire day meeting the needs of your patients, but in many cases, you are challenged with getting adequately compensated for your services. Oftentimes, patients come to you at the last minute as a result of an injury and that can result in billing issues. That’s where American Profit Recovery comes in as we specialize in debt collections for chiropractors. We understand your unique challenges and our program is designed to improve your cash flow.

Chiropractic Offices Should Embrace Care and Debt Collections

It takes years to build a profitable chiropractic practice and we understand one basic principle. You do not want to lose patients because of a dispute around an unpaid bill. You’ve worked hard to build your chiropractic practice, you treat your patients with compassion and the same should hold true when it comes to resolving unpaid fees. Our debt collection team takes every possible step to make sure that everyone we contact on behalf of your practice is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Our goal is to get your bill paid and keep your patients coming back.

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Serving the Debt Collection Needs of Busy Chiropractic Offices

Depending on the size of your chiropractic office, you may not have the time to chase down late, nonpaying and delinquent patients. That’s why when you work with American Profit Recovery you have complete access to our online portal, APRweb. You can enter accounts any time of day, and you can monitor the progress of collection activity 24/7. When you sign on with American Profit Recovery, our customer service team will walk you through everything you need to know, and you’ll be well positioned to enter accounts at any moment of the day. Freeing up staff time so you can serve your patients.

How can chiropractors speed up payments from patients?

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