If you have not had a chance to play around with the powerful features in the My Accounts tab of APRweb you have come to the right place. The My Accounts area is the control center of APRweb, it’s where you can go to view and manage all collection accounts. It’s jam packed with great search filters and tools that allow you pull as much or as little information as you see fit. For example you can search for all account placements within a specified period of time and from there extrapolate your recovery rate for that given time frame.  You can also use our innovative status toggles to view only active, accounts, paid account or even accounts you have closed or canceled.

We also include features that allow you to search for your customers by name, account number or our pre assigned APR number. APR numbers are commonly used by employees at this collection agency to reference specific accounts when communicating with our clients via email. For security reasons we do not  reference consumer names or a financial institutions account number by email so our APR number becomes very useful in these instances.

Your account grid section of My Accounts will list basic information such as customer names who are in collections, which Tier your customer is in and the date that were placed in collections. This same grid also includes some more unique info that will allow you to view the current status of each account, the last time collection action occurred and what type of action was taken. This information allows you to monitor pulse of your collection accounts so you always know where you stand. If you have a question about your My Accounts tab or the information you are seeing just give us a call!

Published On: October 4th, 2013Categories: Clients

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