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5 ways to keep your customer when they are NOT paying

You want to keep your hard-earned customers. We thought so!

Sometimes as you well know, customers do not pay. But that does not mean you have to lose that customer. In many cases, something has prevented your customer from paying on time or meeting their financial obligations to your business.

While there are obviously disputes that need to be worked out, sometimes a customer just needs a little time and assistance to get caught up with your business.

If you want to keep your customers in good times and difficult situations, check out our 5 tips for keeping them when they have not paid you yet.

Open the lines of communication

If your business is not getting paid by your […]

6 critical areas you need to focus on to build more trust with customers

The relationships you build with customers are the lifeblood of your organization, no matter the size. In short, your business will not thrive without solid relationships with customers. It’s just that simple.

Building lasting and trusting relationships with consumers is one of the best ways to see continual growth in your organization. You should not think of your customers as transactional. You should be thinking about how you can serve them for the long term.

Building long-lasting customer relationships is more than just being nice and smiling. It’s about implementing strategies that allow you to build trust over the long haul.

If you’re looking for traditional and non-traditional ways to build lasting customer relationships, check out our tips […]

Is your consulting firm losing cash flow? 4 tips to get back on track

If you are running a professional services firm or a consulting agency, we know that you are working closely with your clients and have far more interaction than other industries. This can include law firms, management consulting firms, marketing agencies, and others.

Because you are constantly working on behalf of these clients, you’ve also built a working relationship. This might not be like other industries we serve such as lawn care professionals where the lawn is serviced, and a bill is sent. In many cases, you may never see the customer. But as consultants, you see your clients all the time.

That’s why when they owe you money, it’s imperative that you handle it properly.

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