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Should I Take On Debt in My Small Business?

As a collection agency for small businesses of all kinds, you probably know our philosophy on debt. Well, because we’re working hard to resolve that debt for our clients day in and day out.  That’s what we do. Resolve debt.

The individuals, and in many cases, other small businesses we are calling on, are in some kind of debt. For whatever reason, they are not paying their bills on time or paying them at all and most times, there is a reason. Debt, in most cases has a negative association attached to it because so many get in trouble with it.

But is all debt bad? It all depends on who you ask but the main theory […]

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Budget Basics for Small Business

You may be one of them but we find that there are many small businesses out there that do not even have a budget. And as a collection agency that works with small business, we find that kind of troubling.  A budget can mean the difference between being profitable and, well, not making a profit. And we all know what happens when our business cannot turn a profit.

Having even a simple budget can make all the difference in the world. Your budget is essentially your roadmap for the year or a given period of time, as we are sure you are aware of. And while you might be aware of what a budget is, you […]

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Time to get back out in the community

By Sarah S.

With Earth Day just past. I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my favorite volunteer opportunities that American Profit Recovery offers. It is nice being able to spend a day outside with my other team members working together to make one of our State Parks in Michigan beautiful, especially after all the winter blues!  From building picnic tables, cleaning up leaves, pulling weeds and planting new flowers we definitely get stuff done! 

For the past few years we have gone to Island Lake Recreation Area in Brighton, Michigan. We split the day in half between everyone that volunteers which works out well so […]

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It’s gratifying to see where our efforts go

By Ethan,

The Adopt a Family Program is my favorite charity program that American Profit Recovery participates in. Every year I shop for gifts and/or donate money for the program, but this year I was able to bring the gifts to a center to be distributed to the families. Not only was the center full of gifts for families, but also full of basics, like coats, hats, gloves, toiletries, and food.

I was able to learn about how many families are in need in my local school district, and how these basics are given out to children who need them most. To witness how much is done to provide for […]

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Four Tips for Managing Small Business Cash Flow

Cash flow should always be on your mind but it seems it’s never so much of an issue than when you are closing your books and going into a new year. At least your awareness of cash flow is peaked during these times because you are somewhat forced to look over your business finances.

But it should be on your mind all year long because we know you have your own obligations to meet such as payroll, rent, and a whole host of other expenses. In short, paying attention to your business cash flow should be a year-round habit. While we know there are going to be times when you’ll need to turn over certain invoices […]

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Why is my customer not paying me?

If you are in business, then you have probably heard more excuses for things not happening than the average person.  Maybe not as much as a school teacher but close. And when you are in business, you act much like a school teacher. Trying to provide the best you can while also waiting for your customers or students to keep up their end of the bargain. In the case of business, that’s paying you on time.Why are my customers not paying me?

But paying bills is almost as bad for some people as turning in their homework when they were in school. It didn’t get done and they […]

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How to Become a Born Leader

By Sarah S.

Recently I attended the Yes Network for the session that featured, Billy Riggs. He had two portions in the session, first on “The Magic of Balance” and the second on “How to Become a Born Leader”. I took a lot away from his session in all and just wanted to highlight some key features I really enjoyed.Leadership American Profit Recovery

In the first portion, The Magic of Balance…. I learned balance all revolves around what makes a person happy and how to create true happiness. Always altering your priorities to balance life, next your character as a person has a big impact on this; who you […]

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Helping Others Is What We Do

It really is true that helping others feels better than helping yourself. Just ask our team. They have once again finished off another holiday season of helping area families in need. It’s the eighth year of our Adopt a Family program and our team just keeps upping their game when it comes to helping others.American Profit Recovery

This past season our team in our Michigan office raised close to $1,000 and purchased close to 100 gifts for area families and children. We adopted three families that included six children all with the help of the Farmington Hills Public Schools. They bought toys and Legos, clothing and bedding for […]

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We’re Moving. And That’s A Good Thing!

We’ve been at this for over a decade, watching our company grow and helping businesses of all sizes literally stay in business. Hopefully you are one of them! We’ve continued to hire the best in the business, continued to knock down walls, literally and figuratively, all in an effort to bring you the best collection agency around.

Now it’s time for us to move and we have you the client to thank for this.

We are moving and expanding because so many of you around the country have entrusted our team with your debt collection needs. We have provided tremendous results, treated your customers fairly and always with respect […]

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Quick Tips To Improve Internal Billing Methods

What you do prior to bringing in a collection agency such as American Profit Recovery can make all the difference in the world when it comes to getting paid. Creating solid billing procedures for your business is the foundation for ensuring you get paid for your products and services. And laying out clear payment expectations and invoicing on time are just two of the mandatory actions your business should have in place.

See our newest video for a few more quick tips on what your business needs to be doing internally to keep your cash flow on track.


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