Medical Debt Collections

These words help define the future of debt collections

There have been many shifts in the debt collection industry over the past several years. And the trends and updates that many in the collection industry have worked hard on, are moving the industry in a positive way.

Everything from enhanced technology, a better understanding of the career opportunities in the collection industry as well as forward progress in the collaboration between industry leaders and government at all levels.

However, one significant shift is the industry’s determination to make communications between debt collectors and consumers much more dignified and respectful.

When a debt collection professional can earn a consumer’s trust through effective communication and empathy, what may have been a negative interaction years ago is now a positive […]

Why healthcare practices need to use a medical debt collection agency

There is one simple fact that we know from handling debt collections for health care professionals across the country for many years. Professionals that go to school to be able to serve others want to focus on just that. Doctors and other medical professionals need to focus their time on serving patients and providing the necessary care they require. Doctors should not have to take their eyes off the ball to run a thriving medical practice.

You might say that would hold true for just about any type of business but it’s all more important in the health care environment. Doctors and other health care practitioners need to maintain a certain amount of distance from […]

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What your practice needs to know about medical debt reporting in 2022

Our team here handles medical debt collections for a wide range of medical practices around the country. We keep up to date on the latest legislation and guidance from both federal regulators as well as state governments. In our industry, there seem to be changes all the time when it comes to how and when we are able to deal with consumers. These adjustments are meant to protect consumers and create an even playing field to assist them and the medical practices that require payment.

Recently, all the big three credit reporting agencies have announced that they will be making significant changes to how medical debt is reported on the credit reports of consumers. TransUnion, […]

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