Why should my business use a collection agency?

Businesses are sometimes hesitant to use a collection agency because of the less than favorable media attention our industry gets from time to time. However, if you work with a reputable collection agency that focuses on morals and ethics, there are clear benefits to having them by your side when trying to get paid.

Using a collection agency can preserve the relationship between business and customer. Getting help early in the process of collections will lay the groundwork for a faster resolution and will give you an improved chance of keeping your customer for the long term.

A reputable agency will not only take over the collection of accounts you give them but will also give you […]

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How can a small business save money?

As a collection agency we are in the business of helping you get money you are owed, but we are also asked how a business can save money. How to save money is something the APR team is regularly asked by our clients, which is why we created this video. Here are the main points to consider when looking to save money in your business.

Have an annual budget:

-Do a budget every year

-Review on regular basis

-Knowing your numbers helps you save money

Pay your bills on time:

-You could be paying hundreds in unnecessary fees

-Check to see if your vendors offer discounts for early payments

Send out Invoices on time:

-Invoice for your services on time

-If you invoice […]

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