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Do you know what’s in your credit report and why?

I know we have gone over this before but it’s such an important topic that I feel it’s necessary to keep it in front of you. Pulling your credit report is an essential part of securing your financial future. Reviewing your credit in full to see who might have pulled your credit, looking for signs of identity theft and taking quick action to clean up any mistakes are vital to maintaining good credit and a good credit score.How to, Credit Report

You should be checking your credit report on a regular basis to ensure that there are no signs of identity theft and that nothing negative […]

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Winter Debt Leading to Spring Collection Calls

Recently, I got the opportunity to be a guest on FOX 25 Boston to discuss how winter debt can lead to spring collection calls.  Read about our conversation here and watch the video below to hear the full discussion from the Fox 25 segment.

As spring rolls in, so do the bills from winter.

This year due to the polar vortex and a long winter some people are finding that they didn’t budget enough for the extra oil or high heating bills and now they need to prioritize their bills.

If you have fallen behind this winter, your bills may have gone into collection. Here are answers to some of the common questions asked about collection agencies and […]

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More valuable advice on how to handle a call from a collection agency

On Friday, April 4th, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals “ACA” was the sponsor of a two-minute consumer advice segment that aired on 210 Independent, CW and FOX stations from coast to coast. The segment, called The Daily Buzz, reached an estimated 77 million households in 156 media markets nationwide.

The segment goes over again, what consumers can do if they get a call from a collection agency.

To learn more about the segment click on the link below and watch the ACA sponsored segment of The Daily Buzz. There’s some great advice for consumers.

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The Importance of a Community for Businesses

Debt collections with the community in mind

Nothing builds good will faster than being a well-respected member of your community. Whether you are a small business and your community is a town or region, or you are a large business and your community is anywhere you do business, including the internet.

Businesses that treat their customers well are usually rewarded with good word of mouth marketing, which is something that cannot be bought. Those businesses that don’t have good customer service are also given word of mouth but in a very different way.

So why is a collection agency telling you this?

Actually it’s pretty simple. If you are in business you will at times have customers […]

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Make 2014 the Year To Save

Every household’s financial situation is unique, but we all want to see more money in our bank account.  For many people saving for the future is second nature, but as simple as this concept may seem, not everyone knows how. Building a nest egg is not a luxury; it’s a necessity even for those who perceive themselves as living paycheck to paycheck.

A great way to start growing your savings is to routinely store a small percentage of your earnings in a separate account and leave it there.  Even if you are saving a small amount each week it will grow over time while being excluded from your budget. As time passes you may be surprised […]

Why should my business use a collection agency?

Businesses are sometimes hesitant to use a collection agency because of the less than favorable media attention our industry gets from time to time. However, if you work with a reputable collection agency that focuses on morals and ethics, there are clear benefits to having them by your side when trying to get paid.

Using a collection agency can preserve the relationship between business and customer. Getting help early in the process of collections will lay the groundwork for a faster resolution and will give you an improved chance of keeping your customer for the long term.

A reputable agency will not only take over the collection of accounts you give them but will also give you […]

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