Debt collections with the community in mind

Nothing builds good will faster than being a well-respected member of your community. Whether you are a small business and your community is a town or region, or you are a large business and your community is anywhere you do business, including the internet.

Businesses that treat their customers well are usually rewarded with good word of mouth marketing, which is something that cannot be bought. Those businesses that don’t have good customer service are also given word of mouth but in a very different way.

So why is a collection agency telling you this?

Actually it’s pretty simple. If you are in business you will at times have customers that pay late or in some cases do not pay at all. If you know anything about building a business you know how hard we all work to get new customers, so keeping them is something a business needs to do.

The way you treat those customers who may be behind in their payments to you goes a long way in keeping that customer and can prevent bad word of mouth which can have a negative impact on your business.

So how do you get more assertive in your collections without destroying your good reputation?

Be respectful. While there is certain wording and terminology you want to use with your communication with your customers, the way you speak and interact with them when trying to get them to pay is critical. Try to listen to them, be respectful and try to understand their situation.

Never be rude, and never threaten them. Always try to work out a diplomatic solution to the problem.  While many businesses may just write off the customers who do not pay we think you have an opportunity to save the customer and prevent bad word of mouth.

If you couple your respectful collection efforts with a collection agency that has the same values, like American Profit Recovery your chances of getting paid quicker and keeping your customers are greatly enhanced. And they may just tell a friend how well you treated them.

American Profit Recovery was founded on a belief that no matter the circumstance everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. For more information watch our video below.

Published On: February 6th, 2014Categories: Advice for Businesses

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