Helping consumers resolve their debt

We feel it’s very important to let you the consumer know, that all of our team members take a pledge to treat everyone they come in contact with, with respect and fairness. It’s ingrained in our culture and one of the most important parts when it comes to our values here at American Profit Recovery.

Our goal when working with you is to help you. It may not be apparent in the beginning but please know that’s our goal.

We want you to know that when you communicate with any one of our team members that you’ll be treated as fairly as possible. It’s the only way that together, we’ll be able to resolve the issue that stands before us. The fundamental way we’ll be able to work together is to communicate in a manner in which we gain mutual respect. Please take a moment to watch the video to hear your rights as a consumer.

Consumer rights with debt collections

While it is our business as a collection agency to help our clients recover past due accounts and money owed to them, we also do our part to help the consumer. We feel it is important to educate consumers and help them resolve their debts. If we can help consumers amicably resolve their debts, we can hopefully help them on a path to regain and retain their credit rating. By working with and communicating, a consumer may be able to minimize damage to their credit and preserve relations with the business they owe money to. Please take a moment to watch the video to understand your rights with debt collectors.

We highly recommend the consumer help website, KnowMyDebt. There you can find a whole host of valuable resources to help guide you in managing your debt.

Treating Consumers with Dignity and Respect

Recent compliments from consumers

“Thank you so much for your kindness and your patience”

“All bill collectors should be as nice as you, you aren’t rude at all”

“For debt collectors, you guys aren’t so bad.”