Debt Collection For Funeral Homes

Recovering end of life expenses with compassion and understanding

American Profit Recovery is trusted by countless funeral directors across the country to help bring gentle and respectful solutions to unpaid expenses.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Endorsed by Several Funeral Director Associations Nationwide

American Profit Recovery has been a trusted source to provide debt collections for funeral homes for many years. Our services have been endorsed by many funeral industry groups across the country for our focus on compassion and our ability to communicate with your customers in trying times.

Funeral Home Collections With Compassion

If there was ever a time when care and consideration come into importance it is when we work to recover funeral expenses from your customers. We have a full understanding of how vital it is for our team to work in a delicate manner when resolving non-payment issues and our trained collectors make every effort to mediate payment terms that both you the funeral director and the grieving family can feel comfortable with.

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Preserving Your Reputation In The Community While Recovering Expenses

If you are like most funeral homes, you are running a multi-generational business in a small city or town. You most likely have brand recognition in your community and your reputation matters as a trusted place where families can be comforted. Our compassionate debt collectors are well aware of this and do everything they can to make a difficult conversation about recovering funeral expenses much more about understanding the situation and creating a solution.