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Working in Debt Collections-Expectations vs Reality

By Angela:

I have had the pleasure of sitting in on plenty of interviews throughout my career with American Profit Recovery. During this time, I have noticed some common things potential candidates are always looking for.

One of the biggest is that they want an opportunity for growth, a company they can make a nice living at and a good working environment.

I want to take a moment to address these 3 points that not many people can say (and mean it) that they love what they do.

Eight years ago, when I started here, I didn’t even know if I would like to call people to collect debts. […]

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Celebrating our team achievements at American Profit Recovery

By Greg:

On March 2nd, American Profit Recovery celebrated the achievements of our employees for their work in 2022.  We laughed at some hilarious photos, gave out some gag awards, and shared our goals for 2023.  As usual, the best part was recognizing the achievements of our top performers for their work over the last year.

It was evident that the award recipients all shared many of the same qualities.  Particularly our company’s core qualities: Positivity, Integrity, and Work Ethic.  However, they also all share a passion for what they do. […]

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Constant improvement is one of our motivations

By Sabrine:

New Year’s is exciting not only because of the resolutions and goals we set for ourselves but because it means American Profit Recovery’s Annual Reward Ceremony is coming up!! This is my favorite time of year when the top performers are announced and rewarded for the amazing work they did the year prior. […]

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Why are we one of the best places to work in the collection industry?

It’s no surprise to the team here but we have once again earned the distinction of being one of the best places to work in collections. Since 2008, we have continued to earn this recognition through an effort spearheaded by Best Companies Group.

Sure we offer a competitive salary, a great benefits package and other perks, but there’s one thing that truly makes American Profit Recovery a great place to work.

It’s called culture.

We have successfully built a culture here where people can not only build a career, but contribute to the direction of this collection agency. And we constantly recognize our employees as a true part of this organization. […]

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Keeping the lines of communication as open as possible when collecting debt

By Brian L.

The saying goes, “actions speak louder than words” when it comes to showing who you are or what you are capable of accomplishing. In the debt collection industry, words are what speak louder than actions.  Your choice of words will determine what actions follow.

With conversations being made over the phone, the opportunity is there to build a relationship with a consumer so that both parties can come to an understanding, reaching a resolution that may have been a long time in the making. […]

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What happens when debt collectors are nice to consumers?

Consumers and the business community should be comforted knowing there has been a consistent industry-wide effort in collections to humanize the process. More and more collection agencies understand the value and critical nature of tactful and respectful communications with consumers.

Why is this important for the public to understand?

Any business transaction should be conducted by interested parties that can come together. The process of debt collections should be no different.

So what happens when consumers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve? […]

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Celebrating the holidays American Profit Recovery style

The team here at American Profit Recovery always takes time to ring in the holiday season. Working in the debt collection industry is fast-paced, and sometimes challenging and it is important for this organization to ensure the entire team gets a chance to experience everything this season has to offer.

It has been a long tradition here to have many opportunities to celebrate the holidays. It is important as an organization to have this as part of our culture and values.

Over the past month, the team has celebrated this season and a year’s worth of individual and team accomplishments. […]

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Breaking Barriers in Debt Collections

By Angela:

The perception of debt collections has changed dramatically in recent years. For many years the public had an image of collection agencies that just focused on collecting money. At one point or another, before I got into this industry, I had those types of feelings too.

What I’ve learned in my experience is now the furthest from these scenarios. I work alongside people every day who are compassionate, smile and are often times laughing with consumers. […]

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Why is this collection agency so focused on consumer compliments?

Over the past couple of years, you may have noticed that our team has paid particular attention to tracking the compliments and kind words that consumers give our debt collectors. While many types of businesses only track numbers, we pay attention to what people are saying.

Keeping track of the compliments that consumers have provided our debt collection team and others here on the staff has provided tremendous value and how we operate as a collection agency. Of course, we track the success of our debt collection efforts but what is equally important is the manner we communicate and the collaboration we can ultimately foster with a consumer.

There are several reasons why part of our collection […]

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