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Giving Thanks!

By Matt Moskowitz:

“Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life.  Keep going.  Tough situations build strong people in the end” – Roy Bennett

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all” – Walt Disney

No surprise, but 2020 has been a challenge for all of us!  I find that in the most challenging and darkest times is when I have grown and reflected the most.  Even though we have all faced incredible challenges this year, there is SO much to be thankful for.  Thankful for our friends and family.  Thankful for living in the greatest country in the world, by far.  And then we have more […]

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Successful Entrepreneurs

Theoretical Underpinnings

Our PR guy was in town this time last year and among all of the really good questions that were asked during filming, there was one that struck me. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My first thought was when you have hobbies like hunting and fishing, you’re always awake before the sun comes up. It also means that you wait for the weekdays to ‘sleep in’ (if only until 5 am).

My second thought was about my childhood. When I was a kid we burned firewood in the winter to heat our home. It was a decent size, two-story house with a gambrel (barn-shaped) roof. The physics of wood heat is that […]

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What I love about my job is helping others

By Tracey:

I have been through many changes in my life and never for one minute would I have thought I would change careers and become a collection specialist. In January I took a great leap of faith and was offered a job at American Profit Recovery. I feel it was the best thing I ever did.

Tracey Caverly It has been quite a long time since I could say I really enjoy coming to work. The staff at APR and the owners always make us feel like family. One thing that stands out to me and warms my heart, we have an employee that went in the service […]

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Find a solution in every problem

By: Pocholo Alvarez 

As I come closer to my two-year anniversary here at American Profit Recovery, I can’t think of all the changes that happened ever since I walked in through the front door. Just like the majority of the world, I had a bad interpretation of what a debt collector is. After spending even the first few days in the company, I realized that the people that I work with really do care about helping our clients and consumers. It’s understandable that people are going to have a hard time with paying their debts, especially with COVID-19 affecting everyone’s lives. That’s where we step in to help, and I can truly say that American […]

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We were built for this

When you make taking care of your employees your main mission as an organization, you never think that a pandemic could show you just why this is so critical to a business. While we miss the family atmosphere that once was our corporate office, the team-like way in which everyone rowed the same way, and the personal manner we help each other grow in a face to face environment, we have seen some of the most amazing teamwork during COVID-19 that we have ever seen.

We earned another spot on the Best Places to Work in Collections for the 13th year in a row this past week, and we are all very proud. As an organization, […]

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Lunch by Zoom

By Courtney:

Working from home has been a huge adjustment, not only for the entire company but especially the customer service department.  Back when we were in the office we were known as “the favorite row”.  When you walked down the customer service isle you could feel the great energy, always joking around & laughing.  Since this transition we have had to find new ways to keep that relationship & Zoom has been a huge tool.

One of my favorite things to do back in the office was take our monthly CSR lunch.  As long as our department hits the monthly goal, we each take turns choosing somewhere to go out to eat.  I’m sure you can […]

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Much more than a collector

By Angela:

As I sit back and reflect on the last few months and the changes that have taken place both within the office and personally, I can’t help but think WOW.  EVERYONE, is going through it! The good news is that American Profit Recovery is here! This may sound corny but, the reality is just that.

Sometimes I feel like I’m much more than a collector, I like to think I wear multiple hats. I’m a wife, a sister, a work team leader, a teammate, but most importantly, I’m me. In these times, even when things get rough you will learn what your capable of and the support you have had all along. I am […]

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I am good at this career

Around this time last year I was in my third month of training. Every day I was thinking,  “What am I doing here?  This isn’t the job for me.  I don’t think I’ll ever be good at this.”  Well, after being here for 15 months, I can look back and say I never thought I would have become good at being a Debt Collector, let alone still be here.

I really have to thank the American Profit Recovery team for my growth here. The owners, the managers and my coworkers are the reason I’m still here and never gave up.  Being around so much positivity and motivation is the key to having a great work environment, […]

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Changing the perception one person at a time

By Brit:

One mind at a time.

It sounds almost trite to say that changing the public perception of the collection industry must be accomplished one mind at a time, but yet it’s absolutely true.  A lot of people still have a negative perception of what we as debt collectors do, whether that derives from media reports, second-hand knowledge from a friend or family member, or even their own past negative experience. […]

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A personal approach during these times

By Derek:

Approximately four months ago, our company made the decision to close the office due to Covid-19, and provide all the employees with computers so they could continue to work from home. It was a drastic change at the time.  Everyone was uncertain of what the future held for us, as well as what issues may arise from the switch to working from home.  At first, it was a big adjustment for me. Calling people while you’re in an office surrounded by colleagues doing the same thing is one thing but sitting at your dining room table alone is quite another.

It took a little while to get used to making calls in silence instead […]

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