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Great communication earns trust as a debt collector

By Georgia:

As a debt collector, I look forward to coming to work every day.  Yes, you read that correctly. Admittedly, before working here, I would never have thought I’d think that. American Profit Recovery has opened my eyes to what it truly means to be a debt collector, as well as what an important job it is.  This career is not only about helping consumers but also helping to change people’s perceptions of the debt collection industry. I know coming into work every day that what I am doing makes a positive difference in so many ways, and that I am working for a company that deeply cares about its employees.

Being a Debt Collector is […]

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I’m glad I stayed in debt collections

By Sabrine:

Looking back at when I was a college student, the last place I expected to be working at is a collection agency. Life took me to crazy places after graduation and before I knew it, I accepted a Collection Specialist position. At the time, I figured I would work at APR (American Profit Recovery) temporarily until I became certified in the field I graduated in. Fast forward four and a half years later, I am still with the company, and I am a Team Leader. […]

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Through Good Times and Bad-Our Team Sticks with Our Mission

By Brian:

It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that we can continue to help support small businesses and help consumers throughout the year regardless of what is happening across the country. It’s what we have always done since opening our doors. We have assisted consumers during events throughout the years such as recession and natural disasters that had a negative effect on the economy as well as during economic booms that had a positive effect, pulling together to help those in need. By remaining open we have been able to carry on with assisting consumers in need of help resolving their debts. In addition, we continue to work with our clients who need help handling balances owed […]

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What our debt collection team wants you to know

We have assembled a fantastic group of professionals here and we believe we have some of the best debt collectors in the country. And it didn’t happen by accident. We have been able to put together this team for several reasons and because of this, both the businesses we serve and the consumers we speak with every day benefit from this well-trained and dedicated team.

The job of a debt collector not only requires ongoing and professional training as well as knowledge of current laws but it is also beneficial when the collector truly cares about the outcome of the current situation they are working on. And that must include making sure the consumer is set […]

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Everyone here can relate to consumer struggles

By Angela:

A lot of what we do is simply understanding and reasoning with our consumers. We work hard to build rapport and keep relationships for our clients so that their consumers have a good experience with us.

While some people have these pre-determined ideas of how we don’t understand nor care before calling us, the truth is we are everyday people, all facing similar battles. […]

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Flextime is a win win here at American Profit Recovery

By Joe:

One of the best benefits at American Profit Recovery is our flex time policy.  The reason why I love flex time is that when I take paid time off, I get to use it for the things I enjoy.  For example, (pre-Covid-19) I saw a $300.00 flight to Europe was available and bought the ticket. I had more than enough paid time off available for this trip due to being able to use flex time for other obligations. […]

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Fourth year at American Profit Recovery…here I come…

By Sabrine:

I am approaching my fourth year here at American Profit Recovery. The time here flew by, and I am in awe that I have been here for as long as I have. Loyalty as well as being tenured at jobs growing up has been the norm for me prior to graduating college. As I get ready to complete my fourth year here and knowing that this is the career path for me, I can excitedly say that I look forward to celebrating my anniversary every year it arrives. […]

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I made the right choice working at American Profit Recovery

I had worked in debt collections before when I came to American Profit Recovery six years ago, first in collections for vehicle loans, and later for collections in mortgages.  I thought I knew what I was getting into—collections is collections, right?

BOY was I wrong!

Work life at American Profit Recovery is truly a unique atmosphere in so many ways. The managers and owners are in the trenches with us every step of the way. I couldn’t even tell you the names of the owners OR even the people in upper management at my previous employers when I worked there.

At American Profit Recovery, I usually see at least one of the owners every day and it’s a good […]

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Six years helping clients and consumers

By Angela:

As I sit writing this blog, I am finding it hard to believe six years have passed since coming to American Profit Recovery. I still remember getting the call to come in for an interview and didn’t completely know what to expect or how I would be treated. Everyone associates “collection specialists, or debt collectors” as bad, mean people blowing up your phone.  But that’s just not true.

Walking into the office I was pleasantly surprised by the smiling faces and overall atmosphere. […]

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Is a collection agency a great place to work?

We are often asked the question of whether working in the collection industry is a smart career choice. Our answer is simple, and it is an affirmative yes!

And there is no better evidence than earning a spot on the Best Collection Agencies to Work For list for 14 straight years now. The program is led by the independent InsideARM publication and the Best Companies Group.

Yes, we are one of the best places to work in this industry, and for good reason. […]

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