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Our Debt Collectors Get Compliments From Consumers

“You were very nice…You’re definitely nice to work with.  You definitely made the experience that much better.  Thank you.”

“Thank you very very much, you’ve been a huge help.”

“You don’t sound like a debt collector, you are too nice”

You read the title of this article correctly. Our collectors get complimented by the consumers they are calling on each and every day. Our collectors as we are sure you know, are calling people because they have not paid a bill on time, or paid it at all. And by the end of that call, many of them are thanking our staff for helping them get out of a tough situation. Not really what you’ve been […]

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A Place with Endless Opportunities

By Sabrine:

After graduation, I applied for several different positions until I received a phone call from American Profit Recovery (APR). I had no schema of the collection industry or what the position entailed until I walked into the doors and it was explained thoroughly. To sum it up, a day as a collection specialist here consists of helping consumers pay their debts with a customer service approach. The clients we work for who own small businesses expect us to treat their clients with respect, so that when they are no longer struggling financially, they will continue to do business with them. As a millennial, my main concern was to find a career that offers […]

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Count Your Blessings

By Greg:

It’s been over four weeks since I left the office to work from home, and like everyone else, I have never experienced anything like this in my lifetime.  I’ve run through the whole list of emotions since this all started, and I’m starting to embrace some simple things.

  • My family and I are safe at home and healthy.
  • My co-workers are safe at home and healthy.
  • My loved ones are safe and home and healthy.

If I get depressed by anything (lack of sports, watching the news, etc.) all I need to do is remember those three things.  That should be enough for anyone, but I am fortunate enough to have other things going in my favor.  “Count […]

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By Ethan Drain

With the current state of our society and the spread of the new coronavirus, most people are experiencing a packed house. We are trapped inside with all the members of our family, with nowhere to go, and not much to do. Inevitably, after some time together, our patience is tested in one way or another.

We can read all of the articles about what to do and how to feel during our forced togetherness, about how to deal with being at home 24/7 where previously we were free to go anywhere and do anything, about fun activities to do with our family members, about how to keep mentally and emotionally healthy during this trying […]

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Always Honoring Our Pledge

By Angela:

As this horrible virus hit the United States many around the world have been impacted by change in their home and work life. Some individuals have found themselves laid off, and ultimately are starting to feel the stress of having bills to pay and no money coming in. This is a critical moment for our country as we all come together to pull our resources to find ways to get through these troubling times.

Life as we know it has seemed to have shaken us all as we are filled with anxiety wondering what the future holds and how our life will ever go back to normal. Countless articles about small businesses struggling and now […]

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A Place Where You Control Your Own Destiny

By Geoff Davis

I’ve been part of American Profit Recovery’s team since 2010. I had just graduated from college and was looking for a job that I could honestly enjoy doing and decided to start here. It’s now 2019, and I’m still having fun working at this collection agency and I’m enjoying what I am doing because the “sky is the limit.”

What I mean by that is American Profit Recovery is a place where you control your own destiny and there is no cutoff to what can be earned. The more work you put in, the better the opportunity you have in regards to having a successful career here. The more you learn, the easier the […]

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Every day I work towards my goals

Never did I think I would be a collection specialist, but here I am four years into my career. Every day I learn more things that help me for the next call and a lot about having patience. Who would’ve thought I would be sitting here today loving what I do?  I certainly didn’t.

When I first got hired, I came here with one goal, to be a manager. Every day I work towards my goals while trying to motivate others to achieve theirs.  When I got promoted to collections work team leader I became one step closer to my goal. During the time of my current position I have worked side by side with my […]

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We’re breaking down barriers and shutting the stereotypes down…

Whenever friends would ask me where I worked, I could think of a million and one jobs to claim before claiming my job as a debt collector. I couldn’t prepare myself for the funny looks accompanied with the not so funny jokes that were thrown my way. I mean, let’s just be honest. Before working at American Profit Recovery, I wasn’t a huge fan of debt collectors either. So I completely get it. Though I’ve only been working here for a short time, my views on debt collectors have changed tremendously. Well, at least those who work with American Profit Recovery.

If it isn’t clear just yet, I’ll […]

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We help each other to help those we call…

Before I started at American Profit Recovery, the thought of working in collections scared me. I did not want to be locked at a desk staring at an auto-dialer for 8 hours a day. There are so many assumptions about the industry to get caught up in. I never imagined myself in a collections office. I thought this work would drain me completely.

However, from my first interview onward I learned that APR is an incredibly supportive and fun place to work! My colleagues are always positive and have my back when I need them. To me, the culture here is something I find indispensable. With great people […]

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This job does not make me feel any less…

A collection agency is roughly defined as a third-party entity used by creditors to recover funds from past due accounts which they were unsuccessful at collecting themselves. American Profit Recovery approaches this in a way that allows our clients, the creditors, to preserve their relationships with their consumers. Our approach also embodies much more of a customer-service feel than what most people would associate with a typical “collection call.”

It was apparent to me within days of working here that this collection agency would be different than the expected. When asked where I work, I almost always get the same reaction, as if collectors are the “bad guys.” But […]

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