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Our Team Takes Pride in Adopting Families

By Melissa:

This year we had another great turn out for our Annual Adopt a Family. This year the team at American Profit Recovery raised $1,585 from casual days and a football pool. Employees were also given the opportunity to choose items off of our Giving Tree and through this initiative employees also purchased over 120 items for the family’s as well.

Our team was able to help three separate families that are local to Farmington, MI via Farmington Public Schools and also help many girls at the Vista Maria home for girls in Dearborn Heights, MI. Our crew in all, was able to raise funds, purchase all the gifts, sort all of the gifts and deliver […]

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Helping our veterans during the holidays

By Melissa:

This is the 10th year that American Profit Recovery has hosted an event to be able to give back to our veteran’s in the month of November to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Through this initiative during the past 10 years, our team has been able to donate over 1,700 items to veterans in need. Items we have collected were things such as coats, warm clothes, toiletries, books, etc. This year, American Profit Recovery had its best year yet for our Veteran’s Day initiative and we were able to donate 334 items to the Love a Michigan Vet Project based out of Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Thalia Reyes and Curtis […]

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Braving the cold weather and water for a great reason

By Curtis:

On February 23rd a team of American Profit Recovery team members braved the freezing weather to participate in a cause we all believe in at an event we’ve loved for years. The 2019 Polar Plunge to help raise money for Special Olympics Michigan. It was my second time jumping and I have to say, it’s one of my favorite ways to raise money for anything. Our kind hosts at Fork & Pint put forth a great effort assisting with the event, and thousands of dollars are raised each year. Having known a good handful of Special Olympics athletes over the years I can say it’s a great pleasure to assist in find them some […]

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Take the plunge with us!

By Joe:

Let’s stop the talking about the polar vortex and the -20 F weather outside and talk about something more fun. Here at American Profit Recovery, we are talking about the Special Olympics Polar Plunge.  This is where we jump into a Michigan lake in February!  This will be the seventh year that our team has participated in this event.  Last year, we dressed as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and a couple years before that before that we dressed as Oompa Loompas from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”  (That was my favorite)  Got an idea for this year? Please send us any costume suggestions for 2019.

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Employee Week Starts With The Community

By Caylyn

Every year, our company celebrates all employees with employee week. During the week, we play fun games around the office, go to a Detroit Tigers game and get chances to win awesome prizes. Overall it is a great week with opportunities to bond with your co-workers.

What I loved most about this year’s employee week is how we started it off, and that was with helping the community. The Friday prior to employee week we went out as a company to Island Lake to volunteer as American Profit Recovery done for several years now. This was my first year going out and I had the job of painting […]

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Helping others pay for education-Over $17,000 Raised

One thing we are very proud of here at American Profit Recovery is our educated team. No, not everyone has PhD here, but every one of our staff understands their job, the collection industry and their role in helping both business and consumer. If our team members are not off site keeping up to date on everything we need to understand in the collection industry, we are always reinforcing best practices here in our office. In fact, it’s a daily occurrence.

Education is part of our culture and that makes American Profit Recovery a great place to work and one of the best collection agencies for a small business […]

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Time to get back out in the community

By Sarah S.

With Earth Day just past. I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my favorite volunteer opportunities that American Profit Recovery offers. It is nice being able to spend a day outside with my other team members working together to make one of our State Parks in Michigan beautiful, especially after all the winter blues!  From building picnic tables, cleaning up leaves, pulling weeds and planting new flowers we definitely get stuff done! 

For the past few years we have gone to Island Lake Recreation Area in Brighton, Michigan. We split the day in half between everyone that volunteers which works out well so […]

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It’s gratifying to see where our efforts go

By Ethan,

The Adopt a Family Program is my favorite charity program that American Profit Recovery participates in. Every year I shop for gifts and/or donate money for the program, but this year I was able to bring the gifts to a center to be distributed to the families. Not only was the center full of gifts for families, but also full of basics, like coats, hats, gloves, toiletries, and food.

I was able to learn about how many families are in need in my local school district, and how these basics are given out to children who need them most. To witness how much is done to provide for […]

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Giving Back Is What This Team Does

The Holiday season here at American Profit Recovery brings one of our favorite holiday traditions!

Each year the American Profit Recovery employees take part in local “Adopt a Family” programs to bring gifts, clothes and needed items for the holidays to families in need.

This year our team raised over $1,300 and purchased over 200 gifts for two local families and over 100 gifts for a local foster group home for girls. We generally get lists starting in mid-November of items in need and then we fundraise several different ways each year in the office to get the funds and gifts for the families.

This year we gave the employees an […]

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A brand new office and everyone is wearing jeans…

We have a brand new office here at American Profit Recovery. New walls, desks, chairs, conference rooms and new phones. Everything here looks great at this collection agency. So why did our staff spend the summer in jeans?

We were raising money for charity of course!

Every summer we run our annual Summer Charities of Choice program where we raise money for a bunch of nonprofit organizations. And we raise the bulk of our funds by paying for the option to dress casual in the office. We conduct a number of other activities to have fun and raise money but most of the cash is raised by dressing casual.American Profit  [...]

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