By Melissa:

This is the 10th year that American Profit Recovery has hosted an event to be able to give back to our veteran’s in the month of November to celebrate Veteran’s Day. Through this initiative during the past 10 years, our team has been able to donate over 1,700 items to veterans in need. Items we have collected were things such as coats, warm clothes, toiletries, books, etc. This year, American Profit Recovery had its best year yet for our Veteran’s Day initiative and we were able to donate 334 items to the Love a Michigan Vet Project based out of Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Thalia Reyes and Curtis Schmitt packing up some of the donations we received this year

For the second year – American Profit Recovery has partnered with Real Green Systems on this initiative. Real Green Systems was able to also donate hundreds of items on top of the items the APR team donated.

This is an event that the employees really get excited about and involved in each year. Not only do we have veterans who work and have worked here at APR but also most employees have veterans in their families as well – which makes this event a very personal one. Being able to know their donations are going to local veteran’s in need especially around the holidays makes us all here at APR very proud.

You can learn more about the Love a Michigan Vet here:

Published On: December 17th, 2019Categories: Community Outreach

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