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Your business hired a collection agency. Now what?

If your organization has had challenges in getting customers to pay or pay on time, you have most likely taken the steps to work with a collection agency. The right agency will help you get back on track as well as help your customers find a solution to their ongoing debt.

You have probably interviewed a few collection agencies and you have finally chosen a company that you can work with and that fits your needs. Now you may be asking you and your team how you can make this work and achieve the results that your company needs to see.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you can make this relationship work. […]

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Why cash flow is so important

There are many reasons collection agencies exist. And while many consumers do not like being on the receiving end of a communication from a collection agency, companies like ours provide a necessary service to organizations that have challenges in getting their customers and clients to pay or pay on time.

It does not matter what size your company is. You are always going to have issues around payments, invoices and getting cash in the door in a timely fashion. And there is one thing we say over and over again here at American Profit Recovery. If you are in business, people are going to owe you money. That is just a fact of operating a business […]

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Collection agencies can help with some of your biggest concerns

The amount of concerns and issues a business owner, entrepreneur or anyone in senior leadership has on their minds on any given day can be countless to say the least. From bringing in enough business, being able to handle that business, everything to do with hiring and firing, cash flow, legal matters, and so much more. And if you are in one of these positions, then you know this all too well.

Customers and clients paying you on time or paying you at all can be one of your biggest concerns. When cash doesn’t come in the door on time, that can present a huge challenge for your organization. Not the least of which is meeting […]

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On the fence about hiring a collection agency?

We are going to make a bold assumption. That you have customers that have not paid you yet. They are either late in paying you, or they have not paid you at all. Whether it was an oversight, a dispute in your product or service, or maybe that customer has just struggled financially and they have decided not to pay your business. There are so many reasons why a customer or client has not paid you yet and it’s a tough situation to be in when you’re trying to improve your cash flow.

Hiring a collection agency to help with your cash flow is an important decision you need to make for your organization. The decision […]

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What are the best ways to get customers to pay on time?

There are not many factors that control the cash flow of a business more than customers and the time frame in which they pay for products or services. In short, customers pay late, cash flow suffers. Customers pay on time, resulting in positive cashflow. When it comes to accounts receivables, it’s that simple.

However, we are not living in an ideal world and for many in business, chasing down payments is just part of running a business. If your organization extends credit in any way, you’ll be investing some measure of resources in trying to get paid on time. From forgetful customers, disputes to a charge to the more trying cases such as customer just not […]

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Getting your business paid during COVID-19

We’re not fond of overused terms here but one we do feel is relevant during the year 2020, is that “now, more than ever,” it is mission critical to be getting paid for the work your business does and the services you provide. Regardless of the size of your organization, cash flow is something that has probably taken a hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout that came with it.

There are three factors that have played into the challenges that some businesses have had to deal with. The first is that depending on the type of job or career you have, you as a consumer may have lost that job. Take those […]

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Debt Collections Good For the Economy

There are many activities that help boost our economy. A healthy jobs market, business spending, banks lending money as well as consumer spending. But did you know that debt collections were also a big part of a healthy economy?

For the consumer that may be in debt or having issues trying to catch up on financial obligations, they might not think so. But the collection industry is directly responsible for putting a large amount of money back into our economy and into the hands of business. […]

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Why are we contacting consumers during these times?

By Joe W.

I keep getting asked two questions by my friends and family, “Why are you calling consumers during Covid-19?” and “Why are businesses turning over debts during Covid-19?”  They point out to me that many people are struggling during these unprecedented times, and they cannot pay their bills.

I asked how anyone can know why a consumer has not resolved their account.   A consumer may have lost their job or had their income reduced.  They may have been personally affected by the virus, and have had to face unexpected medical costs.  Or, they may have simply forgotten about the outstanding bill. I had someone tell me that during the Great Recession they had one blemish […]

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Our Debt Collectors Get Compliments From Consumers

“You were very nice…You’re definitely nice to work with.  You definitely made the experience that much better.  Thank you.”

“Thank you very very much, you’ve been a huge help.”

“You don’t sound like a debt collector, you are too nice”

You read the title of this article correctly. Our collectors get complimented by the consumers they are calling on each and every day. Our collectors as we are sure you know, are calling people because they have not paid a bill on time, or paid it at all. And by the end of that call, many of them are thanking our staff for helping them get out of a tough situation. Not really what you’ve been […]

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Why Diplomacy Works in Debt Collections

We are often asked by our new clients about the strategy we will employ to help them get paid and collect the money that is owed to them. Let’s face it, we are not the only collection agency out there so many businesses searching for a company to help with debt collections will want to understand how we might approach their customers differently to create some type of resolution.

The four founders of our company knew one thing was true. Demanding money from consumers with no regard for their situation was never going to produce any worthwhile results. In fact, they knew it would eventually backfire. It can go wrong in several ways. First, it can […]

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