Veterinarian Collections

Accounts receivable practices when your business solves problems quickly

There are all types of businesses where serving the customer quickly just comes with the territory. Those businesses that offer any type of emergency or urgent service either in-home or at your location can experience issues with cash flow because there will be times when customers and clients are not prepared to pay.

There are all types of businesses that fall into this category of emergency services and serving people on short notice. Everything from the veterinarian, plumbing and heating contractors, septic repair services, HVAC professionals, and restoration contractors to name a few. Your customers rely on your quick expertise to make their lives easier. […]

5 ways to improve cash flow in your veterinary practice

Running a veterinarian practice can be so rewarding, especially if you love animals. In fact, we don’t know anybody in the field of veterinary medicine that doesn’t absolutely love helping family pets. After all, that’s why they got into this field.

However, running a practice is like operating any other type of business, because it is a business, and it needs to make money and have positive cash flow. No positive cash flow means you can’t help the pets and animals that you love.

We serve many in the field of veterinarian medicine and we work closely to help them build up their practice through effective collections and cash flow management. Our experts offer a few tips […]

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