Halloween in January

By Mike Hiller

 Title: Look Under

Unwittingly So

Many Are the Stones Unturned

Within Comfort Zones

It’s Plunge day. For adrenaline junkies, endorphin aficionados, and anyone looking to ‘think local,’ step outside of their comfort zone, and support their neighborhood charity the Polar Bear Plunge is where it’s at. Every year right around MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) day Halloween comes early for us plungers. At our event at the Brighton High School there are costumes aplenty, endless snacks and treats, and it’s always a hot coco (now) and Netflix (later) kind of day. 2020 marks American Profit Recovery’s eight (8th) year running, or rather jumping as it were.

When I was a kid Halloween was my favorite holiday. I loved the costumes, the ghoulishness, and fall weather. That, and I was in control of how fast I ran, how many houses I could hit, and therefore how much reward/candy I received. It was a game and everyone was on an even playing field. It didn’t matter if you were a kid from an affluent family or if your parents didn’t know where your next meal was going to come from. Everyone played by the same rules and everyone was rewarded according to the effort they put forth. These are the American values we believe in and we place them above all else. A Holiday, in a land, and personification of endless opportunity for the self-motivated.

Well, ‘This (really) is 2020’ and these days anyone with a mobile/cell phone/smart device, anyone, can start their own business or back a cause they believe in. Think about these two factoids for a moment: 1.) There is more computing power in your phone than what all of NASA had when they put a man on the moon! 2.) It takes 10,000 hours of doing before you become a proficient expert. Before you can become unconsciously competent at something.

The average person will hit the 10,000 hour mark on their phone in just over 5yrs from the date of their first purchase. Baby boomers will take 5.5yrs. Millennials just 4.8yrs. The only relevant question you need ask yourself is do you want to have your PhD in Facebook stalking or championing a cause. Do you want to be an expert at consuming YouTube videos or creating valuable context yourself? Would you rather be unconsciously competent at Amazon purchases or perfecting your greatest hobby?

As you’ve no doubt noticed the above are all false choices. In other words, they are not mutually exclusive ideas. You can have all of the time you like watching Disney+ or Pinning on Pinterest or tweeting on twitter AND you can evolve a hobby, start a start-up, and dedicate time to something you believe in. You can do all of these things with more clarity, variety, and efficiency than any other single human being who has ever lived.

You can have a fulltime job and a family and a passion. You can work your tail off by day and have dinner with your spouse and kids and tinker on projects into the night. It’s oh so cliché’ but cliché’ for good reason: you can eat your cake and have it too. To you I say bite off as much as you can possibly chew and swallow hard because if you’re not stepping outside of your comfort zone then there’s stones left unturned.

Article written by Mike Hiller

End note: Most Haiku poems are without a title. A titled Haiku is the exception. Be the exception, be exceptional.

Yearly Wrap Up Call

By Sarah:

Our Year End Call is one of my favorite events here at American Profit Recovery. Every year we have a company meeting to sum up how we did the year prior. This meeting is not only filled with detailed information on how well we have performed for our clients but also celebrates individual successes as well as slideshows of pictures, memories and funny moments we have shared.

I feel like this meeting is so important for morale in the office. When you’re focusing on the goals of your own department day in and day out the big picture can get lost and being able to take some time aside and really see how big of an impact we have made in the lives of our clients, consumers and our community helps brings that picture back in focus.

This meeting is just another way that this collection agency shows how they value their employees. I know that the review of 2019 will be filled with exciting information and I can’t wait to see which of my coworkers will be highlighted for exceptional jobs well done! This year we’re partaking in some company favorites of a pizza lunch and Whirlyball after as well, and that is just the cherry of top of an awesome re-cap!

How is the debt collection industry better today?

All of the founders of American Profit Recovery have spent decades working in leadership roles at nationwide collection agencies, so we’ve seen quite a bit. All of us have at least 25-plus years working in this field and we have seen the progress that any evolving industry has seen in that period of time.

There has no doubt been tremendous development and innovation in this industry and we feel it’s all been for the good of both the businesses that hire collection agencies and the consumers that we contact.

As an industry that has always been misunderstood by many and scrutinized more than others, it’s always important to share the positive movement that takes place on a regular basis both here and industry wide. Continue reading “How is the debt collection industry better today?”

Starting a Job in a New Industry

By Porsha: 

I started working at American Profit Recovery about five months ago and it is the best job that I have ever had. I have customer service experience from working at fast food restaurants and being a waitress but being a customer service rep for a collection agency is different; a good kind of different.

I was nervous at first for I knew nothing about a collection agency or the laws that they are regulated by. I hate messing up a on a job and want to always strive to do my best and I thought I would fail, but here I am and I was definitely wrong.working at a collection agency

This company is more than a workplace for me and the people are more than co-workers. They treat me like family! The people here never hesitate to answer any of my questions. It is astonishing how everyone will go out of their way to teach me and guide me to having a successful career here at APR.

And the management is awesome! You don’t find many workplaces where the management is so hands on and get their hands dirty with the work involved.

Last but not least, I am grateful for the customer service team. They have held my hand every step of the way. Working with them, my confidence has skyrocketed, and I come to work every day ready to problem solve and help the clients who use our services. Not only are they the best workers ever but they are my family!

Employee Week Creates a Bond

By Angela:

Employee week is a great time of year for all involved. This was my third year and every year it has gotten better.  It encourages employees to participate in bonding activities that push our competitiveness to a new level.  This year I had the pleasure of being a team captain and got to work more closely with my fellow collectors.Best places to work in Michigan

We all worked towards one goal during the week as we were divided into different teams trying to win the big prizes. Despite this week being competitive, everyone stays professional and remembers we are all for the same reason, to help our clients and their consumers.

I also enjoy learning more about my coworkers with our daily quizzes, embarrassing/competitive activities but more importantly being shown what it means to work for a company who truly cares about you.  I look forward to the owner’s breakfast every year where we have everything from Chocolate pancakes to made to order omelets.  2018 was another great year, and I look forward to all the years to come.

Number One Call Center in the Industry-Where Do We Go From Here?

We did it! We earned the number one spot on the 2018 Best Call Centers to Work For. We always knew American Profit Recovery was the best collection agency to start and build a career in the credit and collections industry, and now we have proof. We are clearly one of the best places to work in this industry and I might add, anywhere.

And before you move on and say to yourself, “big deal, they won another award” take a moment to listen why this is an important event.Best collection agencies to work for

There are a number of industries that over time, have a long history of receiving negative press coverage, have an unattractive perception from the public and have thought to be an undesirable place to work. The collection industry has long suffered all of these. While we will not deny the existence of those in our industry that don’t take these issues seriously, we have, from day one, made sure that the way we treat others takes precedence over everything else. That includes consumers and our staff. Continue reading “Number One Call Center in the Industry-Where Do We Go From Here?”

A Great Partnership with Real Green Systems

By Sarah:

This year was my first year attending the Real Green User’s Conference. Also called Solutions 2017. I have been working in the customer service department at American Profit Recovery since March 2013. I have really gotten to know quite a bit about Real Green and their software Service Assistance over these past few years. I have learned a lot about the ins and outs of the accounting portion of the software and also gotten the ability to train new clients that utilize the software. It gives me great pride in being able to show clients the integration that American Profit Recovery has with Service Assistance and how user friendly it really is. It makes our clients’ jobs easier on a day to day basis.Real Green Systems and American Profit Recovery

When attending Solutions 2017 down in Orlando, FL it was a brand new experience for me and really made me appreciate the relationship our two companies have created. I got the chance to meet some clients that I talk to on a regular basis which was awesome putting a face to name. It really does make our relationship more personal. Also, it was really great to hear, how much our clients really appreciate the work we do for them. This all would not be possible if it wasn’t for what Real Green and American Profit Recovery has created. It truly is a one of kind experience.

My Real Green Conference Experience

By Kaylee:

In my three years here with American Profit Recovery, I have talked to many different clients and heard many different voices. It’s been a joy to talk to clients and to learn more about them and their company, but you don’t really feel like you know someone until you meet them in person. I had the pleasure of being able to go down to Orlando, Florida and spend time at this year’s Real Green Conference. Real Green is a software service that many of our lawn care clients use to manage their accounts and seamlessly turn them over to us for collections. With this being my first time there this was a brand new experience, and I loved it. We were able to meet a bunch of our clients face to face and to get to know them a little better. What was great was being able to put a face to that voice, and to create a better connection.Rela Green and American Profit Recovery

It was also great seeing our connection with Real Green along with all their clients. You can tell when you’re there it feels like a family vibe, most everyone seemed to know each other. We work with many of our lawn care clients daily that use the Real Green system to send accounts to us, and it was awesome to see how Real Green also trains and works with them.  By being there you can tell that Real Green really tries to cater to their client’s needs by making sure they understand the ins and outs of the newest software systems. As a customer service representative at American Profit Recovery, I also service our clients by helping them fully understand our services and how they will best benefit them.  Hopefully someday I will have the opportunity to have an experience like this with other industries we service.

Proud to work here? You bet…

We’ve just been notified that we have once again been named one of the best places to work in the collection industry. This marks eight years in a row on this list. We’ve only been in business 11 years so I think that’s saying a lot. It’s a program created by industry publication insideARM.com and The Best Companies Group.2015-bptw-winners-wreath-2000x1600

I’m one of four partners and there were several things we knew right from the start that we wanted to incorporate into this collection agency when we founded it. One main goal was to create a workplace that employees could thrive in, build a career, have fun and make a decent living while being proud of what they do. We also knew that by providing great customer service and giving our team the tools and technology to do so, it would make both customers and employees happy. Continue reading “Proud to work here? You bet…”

Customer Service … In Person!

I recently had the privilege of leaving the office for part of the day to join a few of my coworkers at the New England Grows Trade Show.  Working in the Customer Service department, we are able to build relationships with clients over the phone, but it isn’t that often that we are able to get out and meet clients and potential clients face to face, so when I was offered the opportunity I jumped at it.  After the day ended I was really happy that I was able to go and wanted to share a few things about that day. Continue reading “Customer Service … In Person!”