By Sarah:

Our Year End Call is one of my favorite events here at American Profit Recovery. Every year we have a company meeting to sum up how we did the year prior. This meeting is not only filled with detailed information on how well we have performed for our clients but also celebrates individual successes as well as slideshows of pictures, memories and funny moments we have shared.

I feel like this meeting is so important for morale in the office. When you’re focusing on the goals of your own department day in and day out the big picture can get lost and being able to take some time aside and really see how big of an impact we have made in the lives of our clients, consumers and our community helps brings that picture back in focus.

This meeting is just another way that this collection agency shows how they value their employees. I know that the review of 2019 will be filled with exciting information and I can’t wait to see which of my coworkers will be highlighted for exceptional jobs well done! This year we’re partaking in some company favorites of a pizza lunch and Whirlyball after as well, and that is just the cherry of top of an awesome re-cap!

Published On: February 4th, 2020Categories: What APR is up to

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