What Will Motivate You in 2014

Hard to believe but another year is in the books.  Time to wave good bye to 2013 and hello to 2014!

It’s a good time to reflect back and figure out what you accomplished for the year.  Did you stick to those resolutions you made last January?  Maybe your resolution was to lose weight, or start working out, or clean out that attic that contains things you haven’t seen since high school, or maybe it was to get your accounts receivable in order and stick with a new process.

Do any of these sound familiar?  Did you stick to them?  If you did, nice work and congratulations to you, if not, you are probably in the same […]

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What are the “Bitcoins” everyone’s talking about?

By now anyone who peruses the internet in their fee time has come across an article or two about the trendy new digital currency, Bitcoin.  According to USA today there are $7 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin in circulation around the world, however marketplaces to spend them in the US are limited.

So what is it?- Bitcoin describes itself as cash for the internet. They are primarily a digital currency but physical Bitcoins are minted. Being that its roots are firmly imbedded in the virtual world, don’t plan on carrying this coinage around in your pocket anytime soon. Any user who wishes to start exchanging this new form of currency can simply download an app (appropriately […]

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Caught Being Good

I think I first heard this phrase from my wife referring to a tactic used in her 1st grade (maybe kindergarten at the time) classroom to reinforce good behavior.  She would hand a “Caught Being Good” card out to a student who, very simply, was doing things the right way.  Rather than focusing on what may be wrong in the classroom, she chose to focus on all the right things that were going on in the classroom…and the more those right things were identified, the more those wrong things stopped happening.  Obviously, if one student destroyed another student’s crayons for the fun of it then a different tactic may need to have been deployed…but overall, […]

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Be a Better Listener

A skill I feel too many people lack is the ability to listen and/or pay attention.  There is more to it than just being a sounding board (although sometimes even that is all somebody really needs or wants).  I think one of the last quotes in the article (link below) nails what listening is all about…”it’s the combination of a quiet mind and an honest intention”.  Tune out the computer, your cell phone, thoughts about lunch, dinner, plans after work…you get the point…tune it all out and LISTEN to the individual(s) with an honest intent and more rewarding relationships will follow.


I highly encourage you to read this article on ways to become a better listener, […]

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