Hard to believe but another year is in the books.  Time to wave good bye to 2013 and hello to 2014!

It’s a good time to reflect back and figure out what you accomplished for the year.  Did you stick to those resolutions you made last January?  Maybe your resolution was to lose weight, or start working out, or clean out that attic that contains things you haven’t seen since high school, or maybe it was to get your accounts receivable in order and stick with a new process.

Do any of these sound familiar?  Did you stick to them?  If you did, nice work and congratulations to you, if not, you are probably in the same boat as a lot of people.  Maybe you planned on that diet … but you just had to finish the last of the Christmas cookies first or planned on joining the gym but never quite got around to finding one that was convenient for you.  Or you planned submitting those accounts to collections but you had to deal with an IT issue, or payroll, or a customer called with an emergency, or any other number of things that come up in your day.  Hey, we get it, life gets busy!

One key to figuring out how to stick to a resolution is finding out what motivates you.  We all know you can’t lose weight overnight, but is it worth it to leave that last cookie, or jog that extra mile so you can fit into that new pair of jeans?  Is it worth taking 10 minutes out of your schedule to submit accounts so you have that cash in your pocket or time in your day?  And let’s face it, these days we could all use some extra cash and some more time.  This is where sticking that resolution or process comes into play.  Sure, you won’t see results overnight, but if you stick to it, remember what motivates you, eventually you will see the benefits, and when you fit into those jeans, or have that cash in hand it makes the work you did upfront all worth it.

Published On: December 27th, 2013Categories: Advice, Advice for Businesses

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