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How communicating with a debt collector can resolve your debt

If you are a consumer struggling with debt, you’ll want to pay attention to one of the best pieces of consumer advice we can provide you.

If you have an outstanding debt and you are being contacted by a collection agency, pick up that phone, answer that e-mail or respond to that text message. You’ll start the process of getting out of debt and lower your anxiety at the same time.

Never be apprehensive or afraid to communicate with a professional debt collector. Professionally trained collectors are there to help you navigate the complexities of outstanding debt.

Here’s a few tips from our debt collection experts on how consumers can improve communication with debt collectors. […]

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How to deal with debt collection agencies as a consumer

Hello consumers, this one is for you. And it’s meaningful advice that is coming straight from the people that you may not always be interested in speaking with, debt collectors.

But that’s about to change!

A common question in this industry and on Internet searches is how to deal with debt collectors. While some of that advice is certainly valid, some of it is written in a more adversarial manner, meaning many writing advice on this topic are teaching consumers how to avoid these issues.

But, that’s not the way to effectively work with a debt collector or more importantly your own personal finances.

The key here is “work with.” NOT “deal with.”

You can be well on your way […]

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What happens when debt collectors are nice to consumers?

Consumers and the business community should be comforted knowing there has been a consistent industry-wide effort in collections to humanize the process. More and more collection agencies understand the value and critical nature of tactful and respectful communications with consumers.

Why is this important for the public to understand?

Any business transaction should be conducted by interested parties that can come together. The process of debt collections should be no different.

So what happens when consumers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve? […]

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4 more myths about debt collections DEBUNKED

Have you ever wanted to know the real story behind the debt collection industry? Want to get the inside scoop on how things really are in the world of debt collections? We got you covered here!

There are untold amounts of myths regarding collection agencies and how they operate. And even more myths about how they interact and work with consumers. So we thought we would share a little bit of inside baseball when it comes to debt collections and debunk many of the myths that people share.

Think you know everything about the debt collection industry? Our team dispels four more myths about debt collections below. […]

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Breaking Barriers in Debt Collections

By Angela:

The perception of debt collections has changed dramatically in recent years. For many years the public had an image of collection agencies that just focused on collecting money. At one point or another, before I got into this industry, I had those types of feelings too.

What I’ve learned in my experience is now the furthest from these scenarios. I work alongside people every day who are compassionate, smile and are often times laughing with consumers. […]

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Why it’s important for collection agencies to share what they do

There is a lot of important work done by reputable and professional debt collectors daily in this country. This work helps the overall economy, consumers that may be struggling with ongoing debt, and small businesses struggling to meet payroll and other expenses.

The debt collection industry helps larger organizations keep costs down and keeps the workforce employed.

The debt collection industry touches just about everyone. Regardless of whether we know it or not.

For many years, many in this industry flew under the radar and just did their jobs. With the media and others having an unfavorable perception of the debt collection industry, it’s no wonder.

However, debt collections serve a vital role in our economy. Those of us […]

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4 consumer myths about debt collections DEBUNKED

To say there is endless misinformation about debt collections in the media and on the Internet would be a vast understatement.

Right up front, you should know that the debt collection industry provides critical and necessary support to not only consumers and the business community but the overall economy.

Just about everyone who works in the debt collection industry fully understands that it can be an uncomfortable situation as a consumer being sent to collections. And one other thing we know. No consumer wants to be in debt and struggling to pay their bills. Consumers do not want to have their accounts sent to a collection agency.

However, it is important to point out that over the years, […]

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3 Ways to improve your finances during financial literacy month

April is Financial Literacy Month and if you are a consumer that is struggling to meet your financial obligations, this is a chance for you to educate yourself on ways you can improve your financial health. There are so many ways available to consumers to get back on track and not be in debt anymore. It just takes a little commitment on your part and a willingness to free yourself from the burden of debt. Understand that there is hope in improving your finances and that with a little work you can get rid of the stress associated with being in debt.

Here are three important steps that you must take if you are a consumer […]

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National Consumer Protection Week 2022

National Consumer Protection Week in 2022 is March 6-12 and is meant to educate everyone about how to improve finances, avoid scams and fraud as well as educate consumers about their rights. This is a program established by the Federal Trade Commission and one that we fully embrace.

Everyone here at American Profit Recovery understands that as a collection agency we need to be as transparent as possible. We go above and beyond to make sure that everyone we come in contact with understands their rights as a consumer. When we are creating honest and open conversations with consumers, everyone benefits. […]

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New website focuses on credit and debt collections for consumers

We’ve always been big advocates when it comes to educating consumers on their rights when it comes to debt collections as well as how to effectively work with a collector to take care of financial obligations. Our professional debt collectors maintain honest and open communications when they’re doing their job and they provide the resources available to make sound decisions.

The collection industry as a whole is doing its part as well. And a new website will help consumers navigate the challenges that come with paying off debt and managing it in the future.

The website is Know My Debt, and it was created by ACA International-The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. That’s right, a […]

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