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Kids and Money

It’s no secret that many of our lifelong habits are acquired at an early age. From our attitudes about certain things, the foods we eat, the company we keep and many other traits. So why should money be any different? April is Financial Literacy Month so let’s help our kids by giving them some tools.

And for all you parents who have kids heading out for Spring Break, we suggest you send them this article right now. See if they can catch up on their financial education just a bit before they hit the beach…

For many, the discussion about money comes way too late when it comes to kids. And it shows in their habits as […]

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April Is Financial Literacy Month

April signifies so many things here. For one, spring is here and of course its tax season. It’s also Financial Literacy Month. Here at American Profit Recovery, we join many other collection agencies this April in helping to raise money for The ACA International Education Foundation which promotes financial literacy and the Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship.

We also try hard to always educate the consumer on how they can better manage their finances and when they do get into a tricky situation, how to navigate through it all. We’ve mentioned these tips several times here on our blog and on television interviews we’ve done but […]

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Even More Ways to Save Money

Last time we gave you three quick tips to save money around the house and we’ve got a few more for you below. Many of us are always looking to save money to keep up with bills or the rising cost of so many items and these just might help you save a few bucks. Like we mentioned in our last money-saving blog, collection agencies like American Profit Recovery deal with consumers everyday that might have prevented the situation they are in by trimming back a little.How to save money

Here are a few more tips.

Easily track your spending: For many, tracking what you spend is […]

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A Few Smart Ways to Save Money

If you’re a smart consumer or a small business owner, you are exploring every cost savings option possible to aide your monthly budget. We know the importance of saving a little money each month because as a collection agency, we see people every day that could have avoided going into debt if they just spent a little time and effort looking at their expenses.How to save money

Below we have a few cost savings measures to consider which may require a little effort but well worth it in the long run.

Reduce your credit card interest rate: It does not hurt to ask your credit card company for a […]

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Three random things you can do right now to save money

While I could certainly think of more than three ways for you to save money, I looked into some simple yet sometimes forgotten ways you can save a little money. In fact, if you gave me time, I could probably come up with at least 50… Collection agencies including this one have contact with consumers that do not pay attention to simple ways to manage and save money. It’s very easy to sit down and think of a few ways to save some cash. Let’s start with three easy ones.How to save money

Compare credit cards: If you’re like most consumers, you get a lot of credit card […]

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What do you do with that credit report?

Once again, we are tackling the issue of the credit report. We have discussed this many times and yes, we’ll keep talking about it because it’s an important tool in your financial stability and if you’re not careful in watching this, you could be starring down the path of things you never imagined.

Working at various levels of a collection agency for over 20 plus years, I have seen many cases of individuals and businesses for that matter getting into unnecessary situations of adverse credit issues because of human error or criminal activity such as various levels of identity theft. As I have mentioned before on our blog, pulling […]

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Do you know what’s in your credit report and why?

I know we have gone over this before but it’s such an important topic that I feel it’s necessary to keep it in front of you. Pulling your credit report is an essential part of securing your financial future. Reviewing your credit in full to see who might have pulled your credit, looking for signs of identity theft and taking quick action to clean up any mistakes are vital to maintaining good credit and a good credit score.How to, Credit Report

You should be checking your credit report on a regular basis to ensure that there are no signs of identity theft and that nothing negative has been erroneously […]

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Back to School and the Lessons of Finance

Our kids have now been back to school for several weeks and they are beginning to get in a groove and hopefully, (I say, hopefully…) learn some valuable lessons not only in the books but also in some good life habits.

One of those lessons that your kids and maybe us adults too should be acquainted with is financial literacy. Yeah, your kids may be getting their fair share of math lessons but what are they going to do with that math knowledge as they get older? Hopefully they will use some of it to manage their finances.

As a collection agency, we see many people who were probably not […]

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Another reason to pick up the phone…

With the advent of caller ID, (which at this point is not so new anymore,) we have as a society trained ourselves to not pick up the phone when an unfamiliar number pops up. In fact, I believe we are all guilty of this.

It comes into play especially when collection agencies are calling. Our instinct is to not pick up the phone and what could be worse, not return the call if a voicemail is left. This could be a bad move for any number of reasons.

One, if you have outstanding debt, you should take care of it and work with the company that is owed that money. […]

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April Is Financial Literacy Month- Tips To Stay On Track

April has been designated as Financial Literacy Month. It’s designed to help educate anyone on the practical ways in which we all need to manage our finances. It’s also meant to educate those struggling with various issues of debt and how to navigate their responsibility to those they owe money to. In the video with this post, we have a number of tips that can assist a consumer when trying to resolve an issue with a debt collector. It comes straight from one of our veteran collectors and its worth sharing with anyone you know who may need assistance.

Financial Literacy on Orange Puzzle on White Background.

As […]

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