If you are a consumer struggling with debt, you’ll want to pay attention to one of the best pieces of consumer advice we can provide you.

If you have an outstanding debt and you are being contacted by a collection agency, pick up that phone, answer that e-mail or respond to that text message. You’ll start the process of getting out of debt and lower your anxiety at the same time.

Never be apprehensive or afraid to communicate with a professional debt collector. Professionally trained collectors are there to help you navigate the complexities of outstanding debt.

Here’s a few tips from our debt collection experts on how consumers can improve communication with debt collectors.

Communication solves many challenges

In general, healthy communication solves many problems in our lives. Take for example solving problems and challenges at work. Communicating with others on your team at work helps everyone do their job and helps you tackle issues. And of course healthy communication with family members is essential.

Several things happen when you open the lines of communication with a debt collector. First, you begin the process of getting out of debt. Avoiding a communication from a debt collector only puts off what you ultimately need to deal with. Being able to have that discussion and start creating a resolution not only is the right thing to do, but it goes a long way in lowering your stress. Being in debt is stressful and when you communicate with a professional collector, you can take that weight off your shoulders.

If you are speaking with a professionally trained collector, that person will help you feel more comfortable quickly and help you get on a path to resolving your debt. If you ignore calls from a debt collector, you’ll continue to experience stress.

Want to lower your stress? Pick up the phone.

Be open to other forms of communication

While in many cases you will receive a phone call when you haven’t paid a business what you owe them, you could also receive an e-mail or a text message about your outstanding debt. This could depend on the state you reside in, but text messaging and e-mail communication is becoming more accepted in debt collections. While older generations may stick with a phone call, e-mail and texting have become a way of life for younger generations.

In some cases, you are now seeing professional collectors communicate with consumers through social media. Keep in mind, these are through private messaging. Social media and debt collections is still evolving within the industry, but don’t be surprised if you receive a message about a past due bill in your private messages.

Once again, the importance of engaging cannot be understated, regardless of the communication method. To be successful in resolving your debt, you should be open to communicating through these methods.

Keeping cool when speaking with a debt collector

One of the best ways to get started on resolving your debt is not to lose your temper.

Many people who work in debt collections have also experienced their own debt. We say this because a good debt collector understands what you are going through and they want to help you. Gone are the days of debt collectors demanding full payment right on the spot. That’s not the way it works anymore.

Professional debt collectors can be a tremendous resource for consumers like you struggling with debt. They can take the time to work with you to analyze your situation, help you budget appropriately and understand what you can afford to resolve the debt you are in.

While we understand the frustrations of being contacted by a debt collector, keeping your cool and an open mind is one of the best ways to solve your debt.

We started tracking the compliments consumers just like you gave our professional debt collectors a number of years ago. We did that because we understood that when we helped people like you out of a tough situation, there was tremendous gratitude.

Staying calm when speaking to a debt collector is one of your best strategies to get yourself out of debt.

Communicating properly may just tip you off to other issues

If you ignore communication from a debt collector, then you’ll have no chance to get the help you need to resolve your debt. But what if a debt collector could help you in other areas?

In some cases, you may not owe the debt at all and there could be an error in record keeping. The business that sent your account to collections may not have recorded your payment properly. That’s why it’s not only important to communicate with the debt collector but to also be good with your own personal record keeping.

Other times, our professionally trained debt collectors have tipped off consumers just like you about identity theft. Which as you probably know, can cause you enormous amounts of stress and financial troubles.

Ignoring important communications as they say only kicks the can down the road and resolves nothing. That’s why it’s important to open the lines of communication when you are in debt and work together to get back on track and lower your stress.

Published On: May 2nd, 2023Categories: Advice for Consumers

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