By Angela:

The perception of debt collections has changed dramatically in recent years. For many years the public had an image of collection agencies that just focused on collecting money. At one point or another, before I got into this industry, I had those types of feelings too.

What I’ve learned in my experience is now the furthest from these scenarios. I work alongside people every day who are compassionate, smile and are often times laughing with consumers.

Angela HolthusI’ve also attended conferences and been on panels with other agencies and people in the industry, where we share ideas and gain more knowledge through each other’s experiences. Tools like this I think, are paving the way for breaking barriers that debt collectors have.

Across the country, every day we are adopting new technology, and ultimately finding ways to help relate more to what our consumers need. Sometimes it might just be the smile on the other end of the phone to hear about their dog dying, that has the biggest impact on shifting the way people view us.

I am proud of how compliant our company is and always has been. We utilize many different avenues not just to better our own pockets, but for our clients and, ultimately, to help our consumers. We might only be one agency, but it only takes one leader in an industry to pave the way for the future.

Published On: November 30th, 2022Categories: Advice for Consumers, Small Business Collections, Team APR

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