We did it! We earned the number one spot on the 2018 Best Call Centers to Work For. We always knew American Profit Recovery was the best collection agency to start and build a career in the credit and collections industry, and now we have proof. We are clearly one of the best places to work in this industry and I might add, anywhere.

And before you move on and say to yourself, “big deal, they won another award” take a moment to listen why this is an important event.Best collection agencies to work for

There are a number of industries that over time, have a long history of receiving negative press coverage, have an unattractive perception from the public and have thought to be an undesirable place to work. The collection industry has long suffered all of these. While we will not deny the existence of those in our industry that don’t take these issues seriously, we have, from day one, made sure that the way we treat others takes precedence over everything else. That includes consumers and our staff.

The business of debt collections can be respectful and fair to consumers, despite what news programs want to tell you. And working at a collection agency can turn out to be a great career.

Being in debt can be a troubling place for many. A person who can’t pay their bills in many cases, has nowhere to turn, or they are embarrassed about the situation they are in. They need help and they need an understanding voice on the other end of the phone. They do not need to be mistreated in any way. What they do need is someone that can help them get out of their current state of being in debt.

If we told our collectors, who as you might imagine, spend a large part of their day on the phone, to just get the bill paid at all cost, I’m confident, this would not be a very good place to work. Our employees would burn out quickly and they would leave.

But that’s not the case and we have large part of our team that has been here for many years. And in some cases, since day one.

Let’s talk about our customer service team. They pretty much spend the entire day on the phone as well. And guess what? Our customers are frustrated too. They are not getting paid for their work and their cash flow is suffering. It is up to our team to reassure them that we are working as hard as we can, treating their customers with respect at the same time and keeping them up to speed on our systems and progress.

So think about it for a moment. Many would rather not be on the phone with us. And our team handles all these calls like professionals. Because they are.

And most people don’t stay at a company unless they are valued, they can contribute, they feel they are helping in some way and they are treated like assets. Our team members are assets and we let them know all the time.

We do this by offering great pay and benefits, the opportunity to help a wide range of charitable causes each year, countless opportunities to hang out with coworkers and every now and then, they get to hit one of the owners with a pie in the face…

What our team also appreciates is our core values. A great workplace goes both ways and what we ask of our team makes this company what it is. Ask any one of our team members what our core values are and they’ll tell you like its second nature. Work ethic, integrity and a positive attitude. We ask that our staff come to work, with their head held high and ready to help everyone. It’s our job.

The collection industry is fast-paced, can be challenging at times due to the nature of what we do here and as we mentioned, not always a first choice of many to build a career. While taking care of your employees is always the right thing to do, we have to make sure we continue to build a great culture here if we are going to help our team build a career and a workplace they want to come to every day.

So this is not just another award, this is progress. We have always been on the list but as we hit number one on the list of Best Call Centers, previously called Best Places to Work, we’re confident our team recognizes how hard the ownership works for them.

Want to learn more about careers at American Profit Recovery? Check out our career page.

Published On: June 8th, 2018Categories: Collection Industry News, Team APR, What APR is up to

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