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This year we had another great turn out for our Annual Adopt a Family. This year the team at American Profit Recovery raised $1,585 from casual days and a football pool. Employees were also given the opportunity to choose items off of our Giving Tree and through this initiative employees also purchased over 120 items for the family’s as well.

Our team was able to help three separate families that are local to Farmington, MI via Farmington Public Schools and also help many girls at the Vista Maria home for girls in Dearborn Heights, MI. Our crew in all, was able to raise funds, purchase all the gifts, sort all of the gifts and deliver all the gifts in time for the holidays.

Delaney Gloger, Scott Schmaltz & Aubreigh Sabbota – packing the cars to deliver the gifts

This is a very popular initiative for everyone at APR every year and is near and dear to everyone’s hearts to be able to help those in need around the holidays. This is the 11th year our team has run this initiative.

Below are some thoughts from some of our helpers who actually delivered the gifts to their destinations and their experience even inspired them to want to do more in the future.

What Our Team Has To Say

“I very much enjoyed doing this, and me being new here this is something that I have never been able to do before in any of my jobs. This was very new and going to the actual place that these girls live was very much more eye opening and I will do my best to try and do more for them next year after visiting there.” – Brittney Zepeda

“We spoke with the director and she had lots of good things to say, she was very appreciative of the gifts and said we are the most organized group that contributes to their Adopt-A-Family initiative.” – Aubreigh Sabbota

“It was a pleasure!” – Scott Schmaltz

“I enjoy doing things like this.  I was hoping you would interact with someone beside the gatekeeper but it’s all good once she said there were 175 girls housed there.  They are all so very nice there and the help goes a long way.  Wish there was more I could do.” – Meka Prince

“They said they go through an absolute TON of soap, both hand soap and body soap (and they are constantly in need of clothes – especially jeans). I think it would be awesome to do a drive for clothes and toiletries for them at another time in the year.” – Ethan Drain

Published On: January 9th, 2020Categories: Community Outreach

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