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Leadership in our debt collections.

By: Dave Y.

Recently my son has taken up archery as a hobby, he signed up for lessons from a local archery range and did not own any of his own equipment.  He started off doing ok, but not quite what he thought he could do.  I was telling my coworkers about my son’s foray into archery and one of them mentioned he had two bows and equipment for sale.  I was immediately interested, as I wanted my son to do better, and felt that having the right tools for the job would benefit his performance.  A few weeks went by, he started doing better and better each week, culminating in a […]

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Should I send small balances to a collection agency?

The short answer is yes…

You might think this is backward thinking but if you actually let late and nonpaying customers slide and don’t try to get them to pay you up to date, you can almost certainly say goodbye to that customer. You’ll definitely never serve that customer again because they never paid you, and because you didn’t try to work out some type of arrangement, you’ll most likely just write it off.Collection Agencies

Collection agencies can actually save you a customer by allowing both parties to work out an amicable payment arrangement. If you just say, “forget it, I’ll just write it off, you […]

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Did you leave the billing for later??

Ok all you landscaping pros and lawn care specialists. We know you’ve been busy this summer and yes, summer officially ended a few weeks ago but have you kept up on your billing or have you let it fall behind?

This is the time of the year when you may get a short break from the lawns before we really ramp up the yard cleanups for the fall. A perfect time to get caught up on things, most importantly, getting paid.

If you have not caught up on your late-paying and non-paying customers, it’s time to get a handle on this quickly. Soon enough, you’ll be up to your neck in leaves and branches and before you […]

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Pledge of Leadership: Service Management

There was a time, early in my career, where I measured success strictly by the numbers. Number of overtime hours I worked per week; number of consumers I successfully contacted and collected from; the number of dollars I collected; and the number of times I assisted a fellow Collector collect.

Not too long after my career in Collections at American Profit Recovery began, my career in Collections management did too. As a young manager I knew the value of goal setting and leading by example, but I still assigned success to numeric performance outcomes alone. The number of quality Collectors I could recruit, interview, hire, train, and maintain in any given calendar year; the number of […]

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Meet some of the kindest people we know-Video

We wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you to some of the most understanding, kind and thoughtful people we know. And guess what? They are some of our collectors here at American Profit Recovery. That’s right, debt collectors…

Being kind and respectful helps both the client that hired us to help them get paid and it also helps the consumer that needs to catch up on their financial obligations. In fact we believe being kind is the only way to resolve a past due account.

Our tagline if you haven’t noticed is You’ll Profit From Our Difference.” Both client and consumer profit from the way in which all our team members conduct themselves; with kindness […]

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More Thoughts On Key Communication Skills

I recently attended a seminar entitled Tactical Communication by Dan O’Connor. I attended with a few of my coworkers.   Dan’s latest book entitled “Say This –NOT THAT!” embodied a lot about what was communicated at the seminar. Understanding the nature of phrases and how some can be considered danger phrases (things to avoid saying) and power phrases (things we should say). Have you thought about things that you may say that could result in a negative response?   For example, if you are working with someone with a concern and you say a danger phrase such as “calm down” versus a power phrase as “I understand” you can quickly understand the potentially different response you would […]

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More families helped by American Profit Recovery

It’s times like these when I feel so proud to be part of American Profit Recovery. As we enter another year of helping local families during the holidays with our Adopt a Family Program, we can go into our own holidays and the New Year knowing we have done our part for even a few people this season.

Many people say if you can just touch a few people in your life, you’ve made a difference and I believe we have done this. It has now been six years since we decided to buy gifts for struggling families in the communities we work in.

In the past six years we have as a team, purchased over 300 […]

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Takeaway Opportunities From a Great Conference

As a Collector at American Profit Recovery I have been presented with several opportunities to improve my skillsets and gain knowledge on our ever-changing industry. Having attended these events I’m always struck by the number of people who seemed to be zoned out on their cell phones, counting the number of minutes until the next break. I assume these individuals were just looking for a day away from the office or were “voluntold to attend. No matter how vast your knowledge is on a certain subject matter there is always more to learn and different opinions to consider. So, at every event I attend I like to have at least one takeaway that will benefit […]

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Best Places to Work… It Doesn’t Get Old…

This could be a really short blog post. American Profit Recovery is a great place to work; Period! We know this because we have been named just that for seven straight years. Best Places to Work in Collections is a program spearhead by industry publication and Best Companies Group and we’re proud to be on the list again.

There are many reasons why we are continually recognized as a great place to work. But, I’ll focus on one. Culture.

Yes, we are a great place to forge a career. We pay well, we offer great benefits and we always help our team members grow, both professionally and personally. We really are a family here.

But our culture […]

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Green Industry Expo 2014 (GIE)

By: Matt Helz

This was my first opportunity attending the GIE down in Louisville KY. What an awesome experience!   I had the privilege of attending the trade show with two of the best guys to learn from, Matt Moskowitz and Andy Yavallo.

What made the experience so great was seeing the interaction between Matt, Andy and their clients. The relationships they have with their clients are amazing! Every time I turned, somebody was coming up to them to say hi and give them a huge hug. It was like witnessing old friends meeting after being away for a long while. It showed me that APR is not just about growing a business and being successful for our […]

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