It’s times like these when I feel so proud to be part of American Profit Recovery. As we enter another year of helping local families during the holidays with our Adopt a Family Program, we can go into our own holidays and the New Year knowing we have done our part for even a few people this season.

Many people say if you can just touch a few people in your life, you’ve made a difference and I believe we have done this. It has now been six years since we decided to buy gifts for struggling families in the communities we work in.

In the past six years we have as a team, purchased over 300 gifts for local families and raised almost $6,500 for these families in need. And not once has our team here at APR hesitated to do what they needed to do to make this happen. We have also partnered with several agencies to help us identify families in need so it’s been a true partnership.

This year our team purchased over 75 items for these families including toys, household items and so much more. They also raised and donated over $1,300 to help them even further.

In total, over the years we have helped 14 families have a better holiday season because of the dedication and generosity of our staff.

When we look at our company tag line, You’ll Profit from Our Difference, it means so much. It not only says that as a company or consumer that you will benefit by dealing with us, but when times are tough for members of our own community, time and time again, this team has shown that we can decisively dispel any myth that we are just another collection agency looking to grab as much money as we can.

Our team has heart, they have morals and we have a team that has a deep interest in helping others.

Whatever you celebrate this season, we wish you the very best and a Happy New Year.

Published On: December 23rd, 2014Categories: Community Outreach, Team APR

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