By: Matt Helz

This was my first opportunity attending the GIE down in Louisville KY. What an awesome experience!   I had the privilege of attending the trade show with two of the best guys to learn from, Matt Moskowitz and Andy Yavallo.

What made the experience so great was seeing the interaction between Matt, Andy and their clients. The relationships they have with their clients are amazing! Every time I turned, somebody was coming up to them to say hi and give them a huge hug. It was like witnessing old friends meeting after being away for a long while. It showed me that APR is not just about growing a business and being successful for our clients. It’s about treating our client like old friends that we respect and adore.

Matt and Andy showed me that our job is more than bringing new clients on board and driving results. It’s about building long term relationships by learning more about clients personally and what is important to them. These relationships will not only allow us to serve these clients well for many years but it will also bring us new opportunities with referrals, letters of recommendations and video blogs. These relationships will allow us to overcome misunderstanding and bumps in the road that every relationship will eventually have to overcome.

This experience made me feel that I was defiantly part of something special and I am truly excited about the future and the friendships that will be made.

Published On: November 6th, 2014Categories: Team APR

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