We wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you to some of the most understanding, kind and thoughtful people we know. And guess what? They are some of our collectors here at American Profit Recovery. That’s right, debt collectors…

Being kind and respectful helps both the client that hired us to help them get paid and it also helps the consumer that needs to catch up on their financial obligations. In fact we believe being kind is the only way to resolve a past due account.

Our tagline if you haven’t noticed is You’ll Profit From Our Difference.” Both client and consumer profit from the way in which all our team members conduct themselves; with kindness and respect. We’re here to do one thing, bring people together and resolve outstanding debt. How do we do it?

We Help. In the case of our clients, we bring a higher level of understanding of your business, your challenges and we help you understand your options.

When it comes to the consumers we call on, we help them resolve their debt by working it out. We bring a level of kindness and respect that not many associate with our industry.

We are firm believers in the approach that helping others only makes you more successful and clients and consumer alike have thanked us for the way we have helped both parties when it comes to resolving debt.

Take two minutes to view the video and hear it straight from the people who call on consumers every day and provide help.

Published On: February 11th, 2015Categories: Team APR

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