This could be a really short blog post. American Profit Recovery is a great place to work; Period! We know this because we have been named just that for seven straight years. Best Places to Work in Collections is a program spearhead by industry publication and Best Companies Group and we’re proud to be on the list again.

There are many reasons why we are continually recognized as a great place to work. But, I’ll focus on one. Culture.

Yes, we are a great place to forge a career. We pay well, we offer great benefits and we always help our team members grow, both professionally and personally. We really are a family here.

But our culture is one of respect. First, we truly respect each other here because we feel that is the key to a rewarding working environment. We all contribute at all levels of the organization and we often implement ideas from all parts of the staff.

But we all understand that it is our responsibility to respect the consumers we are contacting. That is what makes American Profit Recovery different and what ultimately makes this a great place to work. We have a mission here and it’s to collect debt with diplomacy. Everyone here knows this and it’s what brings us together in many ways.

Our team wants to do the right thing every time. And they do the right thing because they all understand what we stand for and they are treated as part of this team.

Yes we are debt collectors and if you watch any type nightly news magazine, you would think this is a bad industry to have a career. That might be true at some companies but not here. We’re celebrating our ten year anniversary this year and we have employees that have been with us since day one. That should tell you something.

What does your company do to be a great workplace? We’d like to know!

Published On: December 17th, 2014Categories: Team APR

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