More families helped by American Profit Recovery

It’s times like these when I feel so proud to be part of American Profit Recovery. As we enter another year of helping local families during the holidays with our Adopt a Family Program, we can go into our own holidays and the New Year knowing we have done our part for even a few people this season.

Many people say if you can just touch a few people in your life, you’ve made a difference and I believe we have done this. It has now been six years since we decided to buy gifts for struggling families in the communities we work in.

In the past six years we have as a team, purchased over 300 […]

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Looking back at the past 10 Years….

You may remember some historical events like, Hurricane Katrina, the recession, the 10 year remembrance of 9/11, the election and re-election of the first non-white President, or even the creation of YouTube and Twitter.

You also may remember the deaths of The Crocodile Hunter- Steve Irwin, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Ronald Reagan, Johnny Carson, Dick Clark, Nelson Mandela, and Robin Williams.

While things like Facebook, Angry Birds, One Direction, Harry Potter, AGT, Grand Theft Auto, “selfies” and Duck Dynasty have become all too commonly known; we have been hard at work growing American Profit Recovery.

Let us share some of our accomplishments:

-We celebrate our 10 years in business in a time where only about one third of new […]

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Joe Kocur Charity Softball Game

By Joe Witkowski

I would like to say thank you to Jeff Spurgess for giving me tickets to the Joe Kocur Charity Softball game. It was great to see one of my favorite Red Wings, Darren McCarty, out there playing.

It seems that the older I get the less I follow sports. However, when I was joe kocur blog picyounger I was a big fan of the Detroit Red Wings. I would watch all of their games and followed the team when they won the Presidents Cup in 1996 only to lose to Colorado in the finals. Also, I followed the team when they won the Stanley Cup over the […]

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Collectors Get a Bad Rap

When a collection agency makes the news, it’s not normally a positive event that caused the news coverage. Couple that with the fact that the only people who come in contact with a collection agency are consumers who allegedly owe a debt… and no one likes to have to deal with a past due debt.

Understandably, the collector is not the most popular person and for those reasons, collectors get a “bad rap”. They are often viewed as uneducated vultures that prey on the less fortunate and they are often told they should get a real job. I would like to say one thing to those who have that opinion of collectors. You just might be […]

Collection Agencies Do More than Collect Debt

Did you know that collection agencies do much more than collect debt? They are also involved in their communities through charities; they go through extensive training programs and are well versed in the laws pertaining to collections.

Job Creation

In the United States, collection agencies accounted for over 302,000 jobs in 2011, according to an ACA International survey by Ernst &; Young. These employees helped their agencies to recover a total of $54.9 billion to the economy.


Most reputable agencies belong to ACA International, which has a focus on training, laws and financial education. They also have their own “Code of Ethics” and Collectors pledge which goes above and beyond actual laws to ensure consumers are dealt with […]

Charities of Choice 2013

Fall is here and as I’m quite sure you’ve noticed, the summer days are over, but not everyone was lazy this summer. Our American Profit team has been hard at work raising money for some well deserving charities this summer and we just tallied up our totals.

As we finish up our Summer Charities of Choice program we are proud to announce that this year our team has raised the most in the programs existence with a total of $3,718. The money raised by our collection agency team will be donated to charities that were chosen by our team themselves. There is a wide range of charities this year from helping veterans, to saving lives, […]

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