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The Right Tools for the Job

Leadership in our debt collections.

By: Dave Y.

Recently my son has taken up archery as a hobby, he signed up for lessons from a local archery range and did not own any of his own equipment.  He started off doing ok, but not quite what he thought he could do.  I was telling my coworkers about my son’s foray into archery and one of them mentioned he had two bows and equipment for sale.  I was immediately interested, as I wanted my son to do better, and felt that having the right tools for the job would benefit his performance.  A few weeks went by, he started doing better and better each week, culminating in a […]

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Our Team In The Community

American Profit Recovery takes great pride once again to be participating in Michigan’s Adopt a Park Program. For many years our team has participated in this program and in year’s past adopted Proud Lake State Park. Over the past several years – APR has had over 600 hours volunteered by the employees as well as thousands of dollars of supplies donated.

This year – APR has adopted a new park – Island Lake Recreation Area. Island Lake is the in the top 5 of the most visited state parks in MI and APR was thrilled to be involved. This year – our team took part in a couple of different projects. We built over 20 brand […]

American Profit Recovery Hires Credit and Collections Veteran

Dale Schmitz Joins Team as Vice President of Sales for Nationwide Collection Agency

Farmington Hills, MI: February, 2016— American Profit Recovery has announced that collection industry veteran Dale Schmitz has joined the agency as vice president of sales.Dale Schmitz

Schmitz is one of the most respected sales leaders in the credit and collection industry and comes to American Profit Recovery with over 30 years of experience in the credit and accounts receivables management field. In his new role at American Profit Recovery, he will spearhead the building of a nationwide outside sales team as well as manage the overall growth and training of that team.

Schmitz had a 28 year […]

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Developing A Champion Mindset In Business

By Jason:

Recently some of my coworkers and I attended a seminar courtesy of the Yes Network, the guest speaker was Gaurav Bhalla. His segment was called “Champion Mindsets, A Prerequisite for Achieving Quantum Leaps in Performance.”

He started off discussing how the world has evolved, mentioning that not even that long ago a lot of businesses could invest their time and money developing new products in order to dominate the market. He specifically mentioned Sony vs. Samsung, saying that Sony focused on creating new products, while at the same time Samsung only had black and white televisions, he then called on people in the crowd; encouraging them to pull out their Sony Discman or Sony Walkman. […]

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Collector’s Challenge Raises Over $2,300

If you’ve been following us for any length of time then you know we like to raise money. And yes we do collect money because that our business, but our team also loves to bring in money for several worthy causes and initiatives. From Cancer charities, jumping in a Lake in the middle of the winter for Special Olympics and funding Veterans causes, our team hits a home run every time.

This past April our team participated in the Annual Collector’s Challenge to raise money for the ACA Education Foundation. They raised over $2,300 by paying to dress in casual in the office, a March Madness Bracket event […]

Best Places to Work… It Doesn’t Get Old…

This could be a really short blog post. American Profit Recovery is a great place to work; Period! We know this because we have been named just that for seven straight years. Best Places to Work in Collections is a program spearhead by industry publication and Best Companies Group and we’re proud to be on the list again.

There are many reasons why we are continually recognized as a great place to work. But, I’ll focus on one. Culture.

Yes, we are a great place to forge a career. We pay well, we offer great benefits and we always help our team members grow, both professionally and personally. We really are a family here.

But our culture […]

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There’s Creativity In All Of Us

I recently attended the Kentucky Bankers Association annual convention. I wrote about the wealth of information and knowledge many of us walked away with last week in our blog.

One of the best presentations I attended was on creativity. Yes, creativity!

There was a riveting presentation by a gentleman named Erik Wahl.  His presentation was labeled UNthink.  We were enlightened with some brilliant artwork and insights on how to not lose your creativity that we all had as kids.  Over time we all become less creative and more conforming in the way we conduct ourselves and our lives.  From school k-12, we are taught to do things the same way and as we […]

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Joe Kocur Charity Softball Game

By Joe Witkowski

I would like to say thank you to Jeff Spurgess for giving me tickets to the Joe Kocur Charity Softball game. It was great to see one of my favorite Red Wings, Darren McCarty, out there playing.

It seems that the older I get the less I follow sports. However, when I was joe kocur blog picyounger I was a big fan of the Detroit Red Wings. I would watch all of their games and followed the team when they won the Presidents Cup in 1996 only to lose to Colorado in the finals. Also, I followed the team when they won the Stanley Cup over the […]

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Who You Know Can Help You Get Hired

By Tricia Renee

When I hire out the tuck-pointing on my house, I will call a referral from a neighbor. When I pick a stylist to deal with my hair, I ask around first. When I invest, I want the best. I want someone I trust.

Businesses are the same way, it turns out. When they need someone to join the team and do some lifting, they agree, it’s just better having someone who comes recommended.

At American Profit Recovery, our team is made up of a lot of referred staff. I believe this is a big reason why APR is such a great place to work. It’s so great that we want our friends working here and […]

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Collection Agencies Save The Average Household 479 Per Year

A recent survey by Ernst & Young and ACA International on the health of national and state economies in the U.S. shows that they continue to rely on the recovery of rightfully owed consumer debt.

This is where third-party debt collectors come into the picture, they are key in the recovery of debts and assisting the economy on the state and national levels.

Some of the key findings about third-party debt collectors from the survey are about job creation, outstanding debt and giving back.

When it came to job creation, the collection agencies directly employed more than 136,000 people, with a payroll of $6.4 billion.

With outstanding debt, third-party debt collectors received approximately 1 billion consumer accounts from creditor […]

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