By Tricia Renee

When I hire out the tuck-pointing on my house, I will call a referral from a neighbor. When I pick a stylist to deal with my hair, I ask around first. When I invest, I want the best. I want someone I trust.

Businesses are the same way, it turns out. When they need someone to join the team and do some lifting, they agree, it’s just better having someone who comes recommended.

At American Profit Recovery, our team is made up of a lot of referred staff. I believe this is a big reason why APR is such a great place to work. It’s so great that we want our friends working here and some of our friends DO work here.  Every job posting has a few or a pile of referrals that make their way on to the desk alongside hundreds of other applications. This is not to say that we only hire referrals; I came to APR two years ago as a complete unknown as many qualified candidates have. However, research seems to indicate that referred hires are actually better, read more in this article.

Published On: August 27th, 2014Categories: Team APR

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