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What debt collection laws does my business need to follow?

As a collection agency, we need to follow many state a federal laws when it comes to contacting and with working with consumers. And your business should be following these laws as well. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or (CFPB) was established to protect consumers. And that means that any first-party creditor, which means you, needs to follow certain guidelines when trying to get your customers to pay.

Our latest video gives you some guidance to help you stay compliant in your internal debt collection efforts. Take two minutes to view the video as well as view our resources section of our website.

And as always, never hesitate to contact our team […]

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Time to learn a few things outside of the office….

I was given the opportunity to attend a one-day seminar on leadership presented by Skill Path Seminars. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to really expect. Were they going to ask me questions about myself, the company I work for, what is a normal day like in the office? After the introduction given by two speakers, I realized the principle behind this was to educate employees in leadership positions, as well as employees aspiring to leadership. The focus wasn’t solely on the people attending, but also the ones back at the office. In other words, everyone contributes in one way or another, and not to overlook them.

The presentations were held in two rooms simultaneously allowing […]

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Dorothy Needs To Get Paid Too…

Small Business Saturday is coming up this weekend on November 29 and this reminded me of small business owner I helped one time.

Her name was Dorothy, and she owned a flower shop.  She literally had an entire stack of work cards of people who owed her money.  As I showed her our diplomatic debt collection program, she cordially thanked me for my time and told me that she just did NOT want a collection agency to be contacting her customers.  I told her once again how diplomatic it was and how we can help her, she again politely thanked me for my time.

I packed up my stuff […]

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Collection Agencies Do More than Collect Debt

Did you know that collection agencies do much more than collect debt? They are also involved in their communities through charities; they go through extensive training programs and are well versed in the laws pertaining to collections.

Job Creation

In the United States, collection agencies accounted for over 302,000 jobs in 2011, according to an ACA International survey by Ernst &; Young. These employees helped their agencies to recover a total of $54.9 billion to the economy.


Most reputable agencies belong to ACA International, which has a focus on training, laws and financial education. They also have their own “Code of Ethics” and Collectors pledge which goes above and beyond actual laws to ensure consumers are dealt with […]

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