Small Business Saturday is coming up this weekend on November 29 and this reminded me of small business owner I helped one time.

Her name was Dorothy, and she owned a flower shop.  She literally had an entire stack of work cards of people who owed her money.  As I showed her our diplomatic debt collection program, she cordially thanked me for my time and told me that she just did NOT want a collection agency to be contacting her customers.  I told her once again how diplomatic it was and how we can help her, she again politely thanked me for my time.

I packed up my stuff and headed for the door.  While on my way out, I picked up a nice, large floral arrangement and continued to head for the door.  Dorothy stopped me and asked “what are you doing?”.  I kindly informed her that I was leaving and that she was not interested in my service.

She said “No, what are you doing with the flowers?”  I stated that I was taking them.  She abruptly said “Without paying?”  I said “Yes Dorothy, that is exactly what everyone else in that stack has done to you, only I am going to save you the gas it would take to bring it to me!”

She paused for a moment and said “Sit down, what do we need to do?”  I signed up Dorothy that day and we did a phenomenal job of recovering her receivables!  She was very thankful to me for putting things into perspective that day.  I truly felt as if those people had stolen from her and I wanted to help.

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and need to get paid for their products and services. As we approach this holiday season, think about the small businesses you can buy from.

And if you’re a small business struggling to get paid, we’d love to show you how we can help get that money in the door and keep your customers.

Published On: November 24th, 2014Categories: Advice for Businesses

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