For the fifth Heidi Tricia Missyyear American Profit Recovery has “adopted” families for Christmas and provided them with presents. This year APR adopted two families from the Metro Detroit area. The first family is a mom and her six children, who were adopted through the Volunteers of America (Michigan Branch). The second family was adopted through an elementary school in Farmington Hills, MI; this family is a mom and her 3 children, who lost their father in Iraq several years ago.

All 3 of APR’s offices participated in this event by purchasing casual days in the office as well as purchasing individual presents for the family. Together APR offices raised $1,200 and had 20 employees purchase individual gifts on their own for the families. One big item that APR was able to donate this year to one of the family’s was a brand new fridge. The family of seven told APR that they had gone without a fridge for over 6 months. APR had the fridge delivered to the family’s home, and we are grateful to our employees’ generosity which allowed us to provide this much needed gift to the family.

On Monday, December 16th APR team members Matt M, Heidi, Tricia, Missy, Kaylee and Melissa drove to Detroit to the family of seven’s home and personally delivered the gifts. The mom and three of the children were all visibly excited to see the bins of presents being brought into their home.

It’s great to see oMike Y, Brooke, Ashley 2ur employees, who are always generous, join together to purchase and deliver gifts for the families we adopted this Christmas. The holidays can be a hard time for those who cannot afford gifts for their children, so we appreciate our employees for helping us provide a great Christmas for these two families. Giving back to our community and having our whole team get involved has helped get us in the holiday spirit.

Published On: December 23rd, 2013Categories: Community Outreach

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