Every household’s financial situation is unique, but we all want to see more money in our bank account.  For many people saving for the future is second nature, but as simple as this concept may seem, not everyone knows how. Building a nest egg is not a luxury; it’s a necessity even for those who perceive themselves as living paycheck to paycheck.

A great way to start growing your savings is to routinely store a small percentage of your earnings in a separate account and leave it there.  Even if you are saving a small amount each week it will grow over time while being excluded from your budget. As time passes you may be surprised with what you have built.

In addition to regularly scheduled deposits, store money  away when you experience unforeseen good fortune. Maybe you earn an unusually high amount of tips or earn a nice commission or bonus, don’t blow it, use it to grow your savings.

We are all bargain hunters and the grocery store is a great place to score some good deals. A lot of stores will even put your “total savings” on the bottom of the receipt.  Take that money saved and add it to the nest egg.

If you put these simple suggestions into practice for 2014 I think you will feel good about the results.

Published On: January 14th, 2014Categories: Advice for Consumers

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