In our last blog we talked about our recognition as one of the best places to work in the collections industry. We previously asked a few of our employees to answer a question for us and got some great responses, so we decided to give them another question to answer. We asked our employees, “What makes for a good collection agency?”

  • Opportunity for Growth
    • “The managers and owners are always giving us opportunity to grow within the company…Everyone here is a team player, and everyone at APR is enthused to help each other be the best.” -Geoff Davis-Collections 4 years
  • Hard Work= Success
    • “I like working in the collection industry because you get what you put in, the harder you work the more you make. Collections has also made me more confident as an individual and will make me more successful with any avenue my future may hold.” Chuck Meier-Collections-3 ½ years
  • Helping hardworking Business owners
    • “When you talk about collections, it’s easy to forget the people out there right now…These are the small business owners who are working to take care of their families and their own staff. A good collection agency, like APR, stands next to those people. Each day at work, I get to help companies continue to serve their communities.” -Tricia McSweeney- Sales 1+ Years
  • Set Themselves Apart
    •  “I enjoy working in the industry knowing we are setting ourselves apart from other agencies that have the stigma of a “Collection Agency.” We are good people who are here to work with our clients to collect on their behalf in an amicable manor…I had a consumer last week say that I was the nicest debt collector that she has ever talked to.  It makes a difference.” Ashley McCullough-Admin-7 Years

The collection industry is not always portrayed in a positive light, and APR works hard to make sure we treat our clients, consumers and employees with the respect that they deserve. The points that our employees made are things that we strive for everyday so that we are a good collection agency. Working in this industry isn’t always easy but if you work for a collection agency that sets themselves apart from the rest, you’ll profit from their difference.

Published On: October 28th, 2013Categories: Ask APR

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